Couple loses Rs 3.87L to phishing scam


BENGALURU: An overambitious mother’s suicide threat cost a family `3.87 lakh. The phishing scam victims are identified as Gopal and Prema (names changed on request), an elderly couple and residents of Yelahanka.
Gopal works with a private firm and Prema works as a teacher in a private school. Gopal had posted a picture of his son’s engagement on Facebook in May.
A person, introducing himself as Adam, claiming to be a UK national, commented on his picture saying he is lucky to have children.
Gopal and Adam bonded well on Facebook. Adam even introduced his wife as Janet and the couple always spoke about how lucky Gopal and Prema are because they have children.
Adam often spoke about feeling worthless because they don’t have a child. Gopal convinced him saying ‘You can consider my son as yours’. Gopal even introduced his son through Facebook.
He informed Adam that his son’s wedding is scheduled for August. Responding to this, Adam said he would donate his property to an orphanage as they don’t have anyone. He went ahead and said he wants to send some money as gift to Gopal’s son. Though Gopal refused it, Adam insisted. Later Adam told him that he has sent the gift through one of his employees. A few days later, a man called Gopal, introduced himself as Adam’s employee and told them that he had brought pounds currency as gift and currency conversion tax would cost around `3.87 lakh.
He also told them that after conversion, the amount would come up to crores. Gopal refused to pay money and said he did not want the gift.
However, Prema told Gopal that they could be millionaires overnight after currency conversion and threatened to commit suicide if Gopal didn’t pay the amount.
With no other go, Gopal paid and waited for the gift. However, the gift never came.
A few days later the man called again and asked them to pay `5 lakh as commercial tax. By then the couple realised they were conned.
On Saturday, Gopal visited Cyber crime police station in  the commissioner’s office to file a complaint.
But his complaint was not registered as the new orders of state police do not let them to do so. Gopal also told police that the local police (Yelahanka police station) did not register his complaint. Gopal returned without any help from police.
Source: TNIE(The New Indian Express)


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