How cybercriminals turn stolen information into cash


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Report: The Hidden Data Economy


How cybercriminals turn stolen information into cash


The cybercrime marketplace, where anyone can readily purchase tools and services to execute attacks, also allows cyberthieves to sell the data they have stolen to other criminals. Hackers are cashing in by selling high volumes of stolen digital data—from payment card information to login credentials to identities. ATM cards with pin numbers, for example, can fetch from $110 to $190 each. 

While you may not directly feel the repercussions, it is critical to fight data breach fatigue and continue to be proactive about securing your valuable information assets. Read the McAfee® Labs report, The Hidden Data Economy to gain insights that will keep you from becoming the next victim.

Key topics:


  • Financial data: What it is worth and how it is sold.
  • Login credentials: The high value of valid access to bank, airline, and critical infrastructure systems.
  • Identities: A personal matter with severe consequences. 


The more you know, the better-prepared you’ll be. Download the The Hidden Data Economy

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