One Week FDP on Information Security




Topic : Architectural Aid to Secure System Design


Dates : Dec 15, 2015 to Dec. 18, 2015


Venue : IIT Madras Campus

Building Secure Systems involve secure hardware, secure micro architecture, secure operating systems, secure compilers and secure application development. Out of these, ensuring security at the hardware is most crucial as it is THE ROOT OF TRUST. In other words, however secure the Operating System, Compilers and Applications be, if the hardware on which these thrive is not secure, then the entire system can be compromised. The security of the system is a collective responsibility of Hardware and Software. In this second course in the Information Security series we shall deal with the hardware infrastructure available in contemporary architectures that are vital for building secure systems. We shall take the x86, ARM and PowerPC based architectures as case studies to explain the concepts.
History of Security in Computer Architecture - What went wrong and lessons learnt, Security in x86 architecture - Privileged access and execution, Memory Management Unit - Segmentation and Paging, Privilege Changes - Task Switching and Call Gates, Interrupt Service routines. Security in Mobile Architectures - High Assurance Boot and Tamper detection in ARM, Secure Network devices - case studies.
There is no registration fees for the course

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