Information Security Awareness Workshop : SANJOG 2017 IITM.

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Amal Male IIT Madras
2 Aniket Kumar Male IIT Madras
3 Tulasi Narayan Male IIT Madras
4 Chanchal Kumar Male IIT Madras
5 Ankit Kumar Male IIT Madras
6 Nitin Bisht Male IIT Madras
7 Vivek Rajan Male IIT Madras
8 Jeevan Beniwal Male IIT Madras
9 Ritika Mishra Female IIT Madras
10 M.K.Sridhar Male IIT Madras
11 P.Mitranand Male IIT Madras
12 Preethi Female IIT Madras
13 Ankit Solanki Male IIT Madras
14 Abhishek Rajak Male IIT Madras
15 Jaya Female IIT Madras
16 Rahul Male IIT Madras
17 Radhe Female IIT Madras
18 Lovepeet Female IIT Madras
19 Sameer Male IIT Madras
20 Saurabh Male IIT Madras
21 Swadesh Male IIT Madras
22 Mothy Male IIT Madras
23 Maneesh Male IIT Madras
24 Abhishek Male IIT Madras
25 Sayan Male IIT Madras
26 Amith Male IIT Madras
27 Gaurav Male IIT Madras
28 Neha Female IIT Madras
29 Neelam Female IIT Madras
30 Nishu Female IIT Madras
31 Nandini Female IIT Madras
32 Manish Rajak Male IIT Madras
33 Aakash Solanki Male IIT Madras

Event Details

Information Security Awareness workshop was conducted for Childrens , on June 5th , 2017 at  IIT Madras, Tamilnadu . The number of participants were 33 childrens . The Topics covered in the workshop are 1. Introduction to Internet, 2. Cyber Ethics, 3.Online Threats, 4.Social Engineering, 5.Risk with Social Networking, 6.Browser Security, 7.Mobile security, 8.WiFi Security, 9.Tracing of Email.
“How to trace the emails “ and “Checking the Header information of E-Mail” , Recent cyber threat  “Ransomware attack ”  WannaCry/WannaCry ransomware and best practices to protect from malware was demonstrated. The session was planned and delivered as per the current requirements and issues / threats in the Internet world.
Mr. Nandeeshwar has coordinated the session.

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Information Security Awareness Workshop : SANJOG 2017 IITM.
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