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Security and privacy of information has become a crucial aspect of our digital world. Smooth functioning of organizations, governments, nations and the global economy hinges on security of underlying digital infrastructure. A practitioner of security not only needs to know the theory and science of security but also needs to be equally
fluent in security engineering. Practice of security engineering has been impeded due to 3 main reasons: knowledge of tools, access to core infrastructure of Internet (like DNS, Mail server, routers), and potential retribution from authorities if usage of tools goesawry. In order to address these shortcomings, this laboratory course will introduce
the participants to security tools in 3 broad categories: offensive tools, defensive mechanisms, forensic tools.
To reproduce the experiments in laboratories, attendees will be taught to deploy a safe virtualized environment
This course aims at exposing the participants to principles of information security, and a set of tools that is necessary to understand those principles. The course will consist of hands -on sessions on the use of prominent open-source
security tools. Participants will be guided through these tools’ usage and utility.
Towards the end of this course, design and architecture of “Virtual Laboratory for Security Experimentation” framework will be presented to the audience. This framework will allow a student of security engineering to setup a
virtual, private laboratory in which real world security concepts/scenarios could be easily simulated. The workshop will conclude with a round-table in which feedback from participants is expected on the VLSE framework and how VLSE
could further be extended across institutes as a national VLSE (nVLSE).
Wireshark, OpenVAS, Metasploit-framework, Armitage, metagoofil, ZAP, hydra, nikto, ostinato, ettercap, W3AF, ngrep, Haka, BeEF, tcpxtract, Sleuth Kit, volatility, tinyhoneypot, mitmproxy, sslstrip, binwalk, doona, vusb-analyzer, xplico, vega, skipfish, fnotifystat, portsentry, p0f, truecrypt, rkhunter, iptables, snort, nmap, arp, lynis, etc. This is a representative list of tools. Actual set of tools will be avail able on  course web -site in due time

Subject :
Tools for Cyber Security A Laboratory Course
Start :
End :
Venue :
IIT Bombay

Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Prof. G. Sivakumar
Email :

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
2 Dr Subhash Panwar Male Govt. Engineering College Bikaner
3 Charu Gupta Female IGDTUW
4 Ramalingam Male Kongu Engineering College
5 Dr. Manish Kumar Male M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology
7 Rohit Sansiya Male MANIT BHOPAL
8 Patel Jatinkuamr Jivavnlal Male Gujarat Power Engineering & Reserarch Institute
9 Kalyana Saravanan Male Kongu Engineering College
10 Dr S Karunakaran Male Kongu Engineering College
11 Dr.V.Jeyabalaraja Male Velammal Engineering College, Chennai
12 Dr. Priakanth P Male Kongu Engineering College
13 S.Vinothkumar Male Kongu Engineering College
14 Jeevanandham Male Kongu Engineering College
15 Sanjay Kumar Male NIT Jamshedpur
16 Ganesan R Male Velammal Engineering College
17 Pushpendra Kumar Chandra Male GURU GHASIDAS VISHWAVIDYALAYA
18 Ashok Sharma Male Bhargava College of Engg and Tech
20 Sakthivel B Male Sri Subramanya College of Engineering and Technology, Palani.
21 Christopher Rex Male Thoughtworks
22 Kiran Pal Singh Male Reliance Group Support Services
23 Kiran Pal Singh Male Reliance Industries Ltd.
24 Devesh Kumar Dwivedi Male Shambhunath Institute of Engineering & Technology
25 Patel Jitiksha Amratbhai Female A D Patel Institute of Technology
26 Mridul Jyoti Roy Male Assam Engineering College
27 Kuldeep Kumar Yogi Male Banasthali University
28 Sushil Buriya Male Banasthali University
29 Bharat Bhushan Sagar Male Birla Institute of Technology - Ranchi
30 Pallavi Katke Female BMIT Solapur
31 Akansha Gupta Female CBI Academy
32 Swaraj Bharti Male CBI Academy
33 Meenakshi Jaiswal Female Chandigarh Engineering College
34 Bharti Chhabra Female Chandigarh Engineering College
35 P Sakthivel Male College of Engineering Guindy Anna University
36 Sonal Dubey Female College of Engineering Pune
37 Sunil Tt Male College of Engineering Attingal
38 Swati Bhasme Female Govt Polytechnic Aurangabad
39 Bhawna Narwal Female IGDTUW
40 Rajendra Hegadi Male Indian Institute of Information Technology
41 Jignesh Patel Male Indus University
42 Ritu Chauhan Female ITM University Gwalior
43 Siva Rama Krishna Male JNTUK - University College of Engineering Vizianagaram
44 Ram Sundar G Male KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology
45 Vimal Vaghela Male L. D. College of Engineering
46 Prathyusha Kanakam Female Maharaj Vijayaram Gajapathi Raj COE
47 Indra Vijay Singh Male MGMCET
48 Vineet Madan Male Military College of Tele and Engg
49 Rajendra Pawar Male MIT college of engineering
50 Prashant M Yelmar Male MIT college of engineering
51 R Muthukkumar Male National Engineering College
52 Ranjan Kumar Male NMAM Institute of Technology
53 Pradeep Nazareth Male NMAM Institute of Technology
54 Balagopal N Male NSS College of Engineering
55 Chitra Dhawale Female P.R.Pote College of Engg. and Mgmt
56 Santosh Nagargoje Male PES Modern College of Engineering
57 Milana Malvadkar Female PESMCOE
58 Abhijit Bhuibhar Male Priyadarshini Indira Gandhi College of Engg
59 Usha B.A. Female R V College of Engineering
60 Azra Nasreen Female R V College of Engineering
61 M S Srividya Female R V College of Engineering
62 Chandra Prakash Singh Male Rajarshi School of Management & Technology
63 Hiren P. Patel Male Sardar Patel College of Engineering
64 Jaydeep Barad Male Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology
65 Zarinabegam Mundargi Female Secab Institute of Engineering & Technology Bijapur
66 A Bharanidharan Male Sri Ramakrishna engineering college
67 C. V. Vidyaprabha Female Sri Ramakrishna engineering college
68 Adimoolam M Male Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering
69 Suresh Kumar M Male Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering
70 S J Patil Male SSBTs CoET
71 Ankita Karia Female St. Francis Institute of Technology
72 Sravankumar B Male Vaagdevi COE Bollikunta
73 V Jeyabalaraja Male Velammal Engineering College
74 S. Mahaboob Hussain Male Vishnu Institute of Technology
75 Rashmi Dixit Female Walchand Institute of Technology
76 Komal R. Pardeshi Female Walchand Institute of Technology
77 Sharmila Karpe Female Walchand Institute of Technology
78 Manik Chavan Male Walchand Institute of Technology
79 Uday Khedkar Male IIT Bombay
80 Manoj Prabhakaran Male IIT Bombay
81 Supratim Biswas Male IIT Bombay
82 Rk Shyamasundar Male IIT Bombay
83 Bernard Menezes Male IIT Bombay
84 Saurabh Jambhule Male IIT Bombay
85 Vishwas Patil Male IIT Bombay
86 G Sivakumar Male IIT Bombay
87 Anshu S Anand Male HBNI BARC
88 Kameswari Chebrolu Female IIT Bombay
89 Major Sushant Male IIT Bombay
90 Ashok Kumar Male IIT Bombay
91 Radhika Bs Female IIT Bombay
92 Sandip Ghosal Male IIT Bombay
93 Amit Goyal Male IIT Bombay
94 Kartik Shinde Male Ernst and Young
95 Jose Varghese Male Paladion Networks
96 Nandakumar Saravade Male ReBIT
97 Sahir Hidayatullah Male Smokescreen
98 Hiren Shah Male NetSquare
99 Sreyans Nahata Male IIT Bombay
100 Chandra Prakash Male IIT Bombay
101 Sundaram Gupta Male IIT Bombay
102 Saket Bhojane Male IIT Bombay
103 Anand Kumar Male IIT Bombay
104 Jada Astha Haresh Female IIT Bombay
105 Pawan Gajanan Chandurkar Male IIT Bombay
106 Gurkanwal Singh Male IIT Bombay
107 Aakash Chaudhary Male IIT Bombay
108 Deepali Mittal Female IIT Bombay
109 Pratiksha Chaudhary Female IIT Bombay
110 Swatish S Male IIT Bombay
111 Gawari Hardik Rohidas Male IIT Bombay
112 Nagaraj Male IIT Bombay
113 Ashish Kumar Jaiswal Male IIT Bombay
114 Rajeev Verma Male IIT Bombay
115 Swaresh Male IIT Bombay
116 Akash Trehan Male IIT Bombay
117 Abhishek Behra Male IIT Bombay
118 Saud Hasan Male IIIT Guwahati
119 Akash Basabhat Male PES Bangalore

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