Information Security Awareness Workshop : CDAC AuditoriumCenter for Development of Advanced ComputingB-30 Sector-62Noida

Event Details

An awareness workshop was conducted for 128 participants of the Rukmini Devi Institute of Advanced Studies, Rohini, Delhi. The workshop venue was CDAC Noida audirtorium, and it was conducted on 16th March from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm.
In the workshop the students were given the information on the Basics of Information Security and How to Protect themselves in the cyber society. They were familiarised with  various issues associated with communicating in a cyber society where everyone is connected to another, which can be good for us as well as bad for us. The following topics were covered in the workshop: Usage of Internet, Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses, Identity Theft, Phishing, Tabnapping, Social Engineering, Password Security, Browser Security and Gmail Security.

Start :
End :
Venue :
CDAC AuditoriumCenter for Development of Advanced ComputingB-30 Sector-62Noida

Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Neha Bajpai
Email :

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Abhimanyu Sharma Male RDIAS
2 Abhishek Sharma Male RDIAS
3 Abhishek Tyagi Male RDIAS
4 Anjali Female RDIAS
5 Deepak Male RDIAS
6 Deepika Pathak Female RDIAS
7 Dharmender Joshi Male RDIAS
8 Garima Allawadhi Female RDIAS
9 Gourav Pandey Male RDIAS
10 Harshit Prakash Male RDIAS
11 Komal Sharma Female RDIAS
12 Meenakshi Dhawan Female RDIAS
13 Mukesh Tomar Male RDIAS
14 Nidhi Sehgal Female RDIAS
15 Noopur Rai Female RDIAS
16 Pankaj Vats Male RDIAS
17 Payal Kamboj Female RDIAS
18 Pratishtha Sharma Female RDIAS
19 Rishabh Jain Male RDIAS
20 Sachin Gogna Male RDIAS
21 Sachin Narula Male RDIAS
22 Sadaf Female RDIAS
23 Sahaj Sharma Male RDIAS
24 Sahil Bali Male RDIAS
25 Shubham Chauhan Male RDIAS
26 Simrndeep Singh Male RDIAS
27 Tushar Sharma Male RDIAS
28 Vibha Masiwal Female RDIAS
29 Ankush Garg Male RDIAS
30 Bhawna Aggarwal Female RDIAS
31 Japjeet Singh Male RDIAS
32 Karishma Female RDIAS
33 Anoop Kumar Srivastava Male RDIAS
34 Aman Jindal Male RDIAS
35 Kanhaiya Kumar Roy Male RDIAS
36 Sagar Kapoor Male RDIAS
37 Ankit Aswal Male RDIAS
38 Ankit Solanki Male RDIAS
39 Rakshit Pal Male RDIAS
40 Tabassum Kanam Female RDIAS
41 Abhishek Dhamija Male RDIAS
42 Neha Kumar Jha Female RDIAS
43 Bhavika Mathur Female RDIAS
44 Chanpreet Grover Female RDIAS
45 Hitesh Parashar Male RDIAS
46 Manish Kumar Verma Male RDIAS
47 Nisha Yadav Female RDIAS
48 Ritika Makkar Female RDIAS
49 Shivani Srivastava Female RDIAS
50 Tajinder Singh Male RDIAS
51 Upasana Makkar Female RDIAS
52 Vishal Anand Male RDIAS
53 Prateek Parashar Male RDIAS
54 Ruby Female RDIAS
55 Balram Sharma Male RDIAS
56 Aaditi Gupta Female RDIAS
57 Aanya Jain Female RDIAS
58 Aashima Female RDIAS
59 Akash Gupta Male RDIAS
60 Akshay Bansal Male RDIAS
61 Anagha Tanwar Female RDIAS
62 Anika Singh Female RDIAS
63 Anirupa Kumaria Female RDIAS
64 Ankit Rohilla Male RDIAS
65 Ankit Vats Male RDIAS
66 Anshul Sachdeva Male RDIAS
67 Anshul Tayal Female RDIAS
68 Anu Gupta Female RDIAS
69 Anuj Male RDIAS
70 Anuj Bhatt Male RDIAS
71 Anuj Gupta Male RDIAS
72 Anvika Chauhan Male RDIAS
73 Arushi Kaushik Female RDIAS
74 Avinash Kumar Male RDIAS
75 Ayush Kumar Male RDIAS
76 Deepali Female RDIAS
77 Garima Pruthi Female RDIAS
78 Gaurav Garg Male RDIAS
79 Gaurav Kansal Male RDIAS
80 Harshit Kumar Wadhwa Male RDIAS
81 Himani Singh Female RDIAS
82 Himanshu Jain Male RDIAS
83 Jatin Sagar Male RDIAS
84 Jyoti Yadav Female RDIAS
85 Kanika Kochar Female RDIAS
86 Khushal Utreja Male RDIAS
87 Khushboo Bisht Female RDIAS
88 Khushboo Gupta Female RDIAS
89 Komal Pathak Female RDIAS
90 Kratu Agarwal Male RDIAS
91 Krishna Malhotra Male RDIAS
92 Kunal Arora Male RDIAS
93 Kunal Jakhar Male RDIAS
94 Mahesh Singh Male RDIAS
95 Manmeet Kaur Female RDIAS
96 Meenakshi Pal Female RDIAS
97 Mohita Kalra Female RDIAS
98 Naman Jain Male RDIAS
99 Narender Male RDIAS
100 Neha Gupta Female RDIAS
101 Neha Singhal Female RDIAS
102 Nikhil Chawla Male RDIAS
103 Nikita Garg Female RDIAS
104 Nishant Chauhan Male RDIAS
105 Rahul Tomar Male RDIAS
106 Rajat Sharma Male RDIAS
107 Ravneet Bawa Female RDIAS
108 Sakshi Jain Female RDIAS
109 Shantam Rajesh Male RDIAS
110 Sheepika Panwar Female RDIAS
111 Shefali Gogia Female RDIAS
112 Simran Kaur Female RDIAS
113 Simran Khurma Female RDIAS
114 Smriti Female RDIAS
115 Sonali Female RDIAS
116 Tushar Gupta Male RDIAS
117 Vandana Aggarwal Female RDIAS
118 Vinita Female RDIAS
119 Vivekanand Sharma Male RDIAS
120 Ashok Arora Male RDIAS
121 Azam Aziz Male RDIAS
122 Nishant Arora Male RDIAS
123 Poornima Female RDIAS
124 Kanika Sharma Female RDIAS
125 Harsha Sharma Female RDIAS
126 Yashu Puri Male RDIAS
127 Pratishtha Sharma Female RDIAS
128 Ms. Simmi Chawla Female RDIAS
129 Mr. Gaurav Jindal Male RDIAS
130 Ms. Khushbu Arora Female RDIAS
131 Dr. G.B. Sitaram Male RDIAS

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