Short Term Course : NIELIT Agartala Centre

Event Details

This training facilitates classroom and laboratory learning, letting students develop competence and confidence in Information Security education. This course covers the common topics related to Internet and basic security concepts, Information Security Concepts – Threats & Vulnerabilities, Cyber Crime & Common Online Attacks, Browser, Email & Social Networking Risks, Personal Computer Security, Cyber Security-Precaution & Prevention, Cyber Forensics, Laws/Policies & Standards.
This course provides the skills necessary to apply and implement technical knowledge of security concepts in today’s security environment. The participants will gain basic knowledge of systems security, access control, assessments and audits, cryptography and personal computer security.
This course is targeted toward students and IT Professionals to acquire a foundational knowledge of security topics.

Subject :
Concepts on Cyber Security
Start :
End :
Venue :
NIELIT Agartala Centre

Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Binoy Das Technical Officer
Email :

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Sankar Sarkar Male
2 Bapan Saha Male
3 Manindra Debbarma Male
4 Soumen Deb Male
5 Suman Saha Male
6 Badal Chandra Nath Male
7 Tinku Dey Male
8 Md Suleman Ahmed Male
9 Rajib Sarkar Male
10 Ila Das Female
11 Santosh Kumar Acharjee Male
12 Kalpana Ghosh Sarkar Female
13 Chandan Das Male
14 Asoke Das Male
15 Abhijit Saha Male
16 Jayanti Ritchil Female
17 Tapas Banik Male
18 Aparna Chowdhury Female
19 Hemendra Reang Male
20 Ratan Lal Sangma Male
21 Tanima Chakraborty Female
22 Janet Sangpuii Betu Female
23 Shyamali Debbarma Female
24 Sima Nath Female
25 Sumitra Debbarma Female
26 Sudhangshu Debnath Male
27 Kalpana Debbarma Female
28 Bimal Kanti Sinha Male
29 Rahul Debbarma Male
30 Kaushik Baidya Male
31 Sujit Laskar Male
32 Nepal Chandra Das Male
33 Ratna Das Sarkar Female
34 Rikta Laskar Female
35 Sourav Acharjee Male
36 Susmita Chakraborty Debnath Female
37 Somnath Lodh Male
38 Rita Dhar Female
39 Rupa Banik Debbarma Female
40 Mithu Rani Malakar Female
41 Saramala Debbarma Female
42 Arjun Debbarma Male
43 Ranjit Debbarma Male
44 Gopal Krishna Sharma Male
45 Sampa Deb Female
46 Mangal Debbarma Male
47 Narayan Das Male
48 Binoy Bhusan Debbarma Male
49 Tapies Tripura Male
50 Sibasish Dey Male
51 Dhara Malakar Female
52 Rina Das Female
53 Birbal Jamatia Male
54 Biswajit Chakraborty Male
55 Khokan Chandra Deb Male
56 Sunil Chandra Sarkar Male

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