Short Term Course : Lecture Hall 1 CDAC Noida

Event Details

CDAC, Noida conducted a 5 day Training on Web Application Security for the MCA Ist and IInd Year students of  CDAC Noida from March 28 to April 3, 2017 under Information Security Education and Awareness Project Phase II. The objective of this training was to educate students about the basics of web application security as well as to  empower them to be able to safeguard the interest of their future organizations. They were familiarised with various issues associated with communicating in a web world where everyone is connected to one another, which can be good for us as well as bad for us.
  The training program covered the concepts like Introductions to Web Application Security, OWASP, Common Web Application Vulnerabilities, Secure Web Applicatioon Development, Cryptography, Digital Signatues and Digital Certificates.

Subject :
5 Days Training on Web Application Security
Start :
End :
Venue :
Lecture Hall 1 CDAC Noida

Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Neha Bajpai
Email :

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Manish Yadav Male
2 Akhil Kumar Male
3 Mohseen Ahmed Male
4 Abhinav Sood Male
5 Kshitij Sharma Male
6 Abhishek Ghosh Male
7 Akshay Bhatnagar Male
8 Amarjeet Malik Male
9 Amit Kumar Singh Male
10 Amit Negi Male
11 Ankit Kumar Sharma Male
12 Anmol Marya Male
13 Arunima Chopra Female
14 Ashok Kumar Male
15 Avilash Bharti Male
16 Ayush Tomar Male
17 Azmat Hasan Male
18 Himanshu Sharma Male
19 Hitesh Singh Rathod Male
20 Jugal Tiwari Male
21 Kamal Kishore Male
22 Kanika Kaira Female
23 Kshitij Raj Male
24 Lakshay Malhotra Male
25 Manisha Tripathi Female
26 Monika Sagar Female
27 Monika Sharma Female
28 Monish Sewalia Male
29 Neha Nautiyal Female
30 Nitish Kumar Tiwari Male
31 Pawan Singh Bisht Male
32 Pooja Female
33 Pradeep Kumar Male
34 Prajjval Gupta Male
35 Prince Singh Male
36 Priya Gupta Female
37 Priya Sharma Female
38 Rahul Male
39 Rajat Nimesh Male
40 Rishabh Porwal Male
41 Ritanshu Tyagi Male
42 Rohan Sharma Male
43 Roshan Male
44 Sakshi Jain Female
45 Satinder Sharma Male
46 Shubham Jain Male
47 Sumit Srivastava Male
48 Suraj Parihar Male
49 Tavish Barua Male
50 Vicky Yadav Male
51 Vishnu Prasad Paudel Male
52 Anurag Rai Male
53 Anjali Sachdeva Female
54 Rahul Kumar Singh Male
55 Parul Thakur Female
56 Srishti Sharma Female
57 Abhishek Trivedi Male
58 Babita Negi Female
59 Bhawna Female
60 Bishakha Female
61 Divya Kumar Rathi Female
62 Garima Mittal Female
63 Gaurav Kumar Male
64 Hardik Chauhan Male
65 Monika Bisht Female
66 Mukesh Negi Male
67 Vaibhav Sharma Male
68 Vinay Kumar Male
69 Vinita Female
70 Mohd Ahzam Male
71 Anchit Male

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