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ISEA sponsored International Bilateral Collaboration Program


Course Title: Privacy Enhanced Location-based Services (and IoT Security)


Host: Prof. Dhiren R Patel, NIT Surat, India

Visiting Faculty: Prof. Ramakrishna Thurimella, University of Denver, CO, USA


Venue: Seminar Hall, Computer Engineering Department, NIT Surat

Course timings: Everyday three sessions during 27-31 March 2017

Session I – 1230 - 1330, Session II – 1600 - 1745, Session III – 1800 – 2000 hrs


About the Course: The course is delivered by Prof Ramakrishna Thurimella, Professor Department of Computer Science and Director, Colorado Research Institute for Security and Privacy (CRISP) from University of Denver, Colorado at SVNIT Surat between 27th – 31st March 2017.


These course explores various ways the major service provides such as Google, Facebook, etc. are collecting  massive amount of private data without the user’s knowledge. Majorly, the course will emphasis on demonstration of trade-off between quality of service of the location-based services and the user’s privacy, and thus putting the user to determine how much privacy is desired. Location based services is typically accessed using smart phones are very useful and are gaining enormous popularity nowadays. Along with their adoption and increased utilization comes the increased risk to several attempts have been made by the research community. The concepts of this course are related to the confidentiality and availability, two of the three main pillars of cyber security. The one week course on Privacy Enhanced Location-based Services along with IoT Security and Secure App Development Life Cycle delivered to students and researchers and other interesting candidates from Government departments, industries.


A complementing expert lecture on “Deep Learning” is delivered by Dr. Sunayana Sitaram, Post Doc at Microsoft Research, Bangalore.


Certificate requirement: 80% Attendance, Post Assessment Test


 Topics Covered:

1.      Course Overview and Motivation

2.      Location Privacy approaches

3.      Getting the phone to lie intelligently

4.      Local search with noisy location

5.      Continuous location Privacy

6.      Privacy-preserving record linkage

7.      Secure App development life cycle: inception, test, release to maintenance

8.   Improving the understanding of objective-oriented paradigm, UIs, persistence, and networking concepts

9.   Exploiting Service Similarity

10.     Inferring trip destinations from driving habits

11.  Common vulnerabilities in IoT

12. Zigbee in detail

13. IoT Economics

14. Data Science and Machine Learning Tools for Secure IoT Applications

15. Case Studies: Smart Agriculture and Building Access control

16.  Lab sessions

Subject :
International Bilateral Collaboration Program (Location Based Service and IoT Security)
Start :
End :
Venue :
Computer Engineering Department NIT Surat India..

Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Prof Dhiren Patel
Email :

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Kaushal Shah Male SVNIT Surat
2 Gupta Ruchika Female
3 Shivanshu Mehta Male
4 Patel Himanshu Male
5 Nahar Rajul Shirish Male
6 Arun Sharna Male
7 Mukul Khandelwal Male
8 Nitesh Tomar Male SVNIT
9 Nupur Modi Female svnit
10 Rajul Nahar Female
11 Mohit Sharma Male
12 Ramnarayan Singh Male
13 Divya Jeganathan Female
14 Aabha Mathews Male
15 Alkesh Vaghela Male
16 Apurva Tripathi Male
17 Adesh Kala Male
18 Dipak Tandel Male
19 Vasudev Patel Male
20 Aishwarya Agarwal Female
21 Aarju Goyal Female
22 Ayushi Solanki Female
23 Tathagat Uday Male
24 Vineet Sethia Male
25 Charmi Khambhati Female
26 Shruti Bhutaiya Female
27 Manish Chaudhary Male
28 Shubhi Satvik Female
29 Bhavana Verma Female
30 Shivangi Shukla Female
31 Priyansh Zalavadiya Male
32 Patel Saloni Amitkumar Female
33 Shubham Amitkumar Patel Male
34 Vaidehi Thete Female
35 Aeshita Dhiman Female
36 Anshul Jain Male
37 Komal Kolte Female
38 Sejal Vaghela Female
39 J – Sathish Kumar Male
40 Himanshu Patel Male
41 Shivanshu Mehta Male
42 Ruchika Gupta Female

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