Information Security Awareness Workshop : Department of CSEMANIT Bhopal

Event Details

The two days workshop on “Cyber Security Threats and Forensics” is being organized by Department of CSE MANIT, Bhopal (M.P.) from 23/03/2017 to 24/03/2017 under   ISEA Project phase - II.
In cyber security a threat is a possible danger that might exploit a vulnerability to breach security and therefore cause possible harm. Spoofing, tampering, repudiation, denial of service and elevation of privilege are common type of threats faced by web applications. Forensic analysis is the use of tools and techniques to identify the true root cause of a security breach.
The objective of this proposed workshop is to identify Cyber security threats, risks, vulnerabilities and further to explore the concept of Digital forensics such identification, Analysis and Preservation of Digital Evidence. This workshop will be helpful for participants to conduct hands-on experience in research topics related to Cyber Security and Forensics.

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End :
Venue :
Department of CSEMANIT Bhopal

Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Dr R K Pateriya and Dr Deepak Singh Tomar
Email :

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Ms. Sonika Shrivastava Female MANIT Bhopal
2 Mr.Prankit Namdeo Male
3 Mr.Rohit Prakash Shere Male
4 Rohit Sansiya Male MANIT BHOPAL
5 Prof. Manish Dixit Male MITS Gwalior
6 Mr.Narendra Mohan Male GLA University Mathura
7 Mr.Mayank Srivastava Male GLA University Mathura
8 Ms. Shweta Female LNCT Bhopal
9 Mr.Harsh Mathur Male IES Bhopal
10 Mr.Sandeep Rathor Male GLA University Mathura
11 Ms.Pranita Jain Female Sati Vidisha
12 Ms.Shaila Chugh Female Sati Vidisha
13 Ms. Sakshi Mishra Female Peoples University Bhopal
14 Ms. Roopali Mishra Female Peoples University Bhopal
15 Mr. Simranjeet Singh Saluja Male Peoples University Bhopal
16 Mr.Sanskar Mandavi Male Peoples University Bhopal
17 Mr. Satyam Jay Male Peoples University Bhopal
18 Mr. Jay Prakash Gawande Male Peoples University Bhopal
19 Chand Babu Warsi Male Peoples University Bhopal
20 Tanmay Shriwas Male Peoples University Bhopal
21 Shruti Soni Female Peoples University Bhopal
22 Mr. Sudeep Lakra Male Peoples University Bhopal
23 Ms. Aayushi Kesharwani Female Peoples University Bhopal
24 Mr. Jacob Ajala Male Peoples University Bhopal
25 Mr.Yash Vaid Male Acropolis Technical campusBhopal
26 Mr.Pranay Chauhan Male IET-DAVV Indore
27 Mr. Mayank Lovanshi Male IET-DAVV Indore
28 Mr. Madhur Patidar Male IET DAVV Indore
29 Naveen Kumar Gupta Male MNNIT ALLAHABAD
30 Mr. Mithilesh Kumar Male Acropolis Bhopal
31 Mr.Harsh Dubey Male LNCT Bhopal
32 Mr.Harsh Dubey Not Uploaded
33 Dr. Meenu Chawla Female MANIT Bhopal
34 Dr. Namita Tiwari Female MANIT Bhopal
35 Dr.Sweta Jain Female MANIT Bhopal
36 Prof..Bhola Nath Roy Male MANIT Bhopal
37 Dr. Sri Khetwat Sartiha Female MANIT Bhopal
38 Mr.Rizwan Ur Rahman Male MANIT Bhopal
39 Mr.Nikhil Kumar Singh Male MANIT Bhopal
40 Mrs.Rashmi Singh Lodhi Female MANIT Bhopal
41 Ms. Prachi Verma Female MANIT Bhopal
42 Ms.Palak Jain Female MANIT Bhopal
43 Mr.Lokesh Yadav Male MANIT Bhopal
44 Mr.Faiz Kacah Bayat Male MANIT Bhopal
45 Mr.M.V.Suraj Male MANIT Bhopal
46 Ms.Neelanshi Wadhwa Female MANIT Bhopal
47 Mr.Chandra Prakash Male MANIT Bhopal
48 Mr Harish Baraithiya Male MANIT Bhopal
49 Swapnil Gangaram Umbarkar Male
50 Burse Rashmi Kiran Female
51 Saumya Yadav Female MANIT Bhopal
52 Akanksha Jain Female
53 Rajat Ramakrushna Naik Male
54 Sushil Kumar Yadav Male
55 Taruna Bhati Male MANIT Bhopal
56 Prateek Kumar Male MANIT Bhopal
57 Dilip Rajput Male
58 Abhishek Chourasia Male
59 Akshay Kumar Suman Male
60 Manoranjan Behera Male
61 Madhugundu Dhanunjay Kumar Male
62 Raghavendra Patel Male
63 Shrankhla Gupta Female
64 Sukirty Jain Female
65 Nikhil Chaudhari Male VIT University Vellore
66 Mr.Harsh Dubey Not Uploaded
67 Mr.Harsh Dubey Not Uploaded

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