Information Security Awareness Workshop : IIITMK Building P.O. Karyavattom Kazhakoottam Technopark Campus Kazhakkoottam Kerala 695581

Event Details

An Information Security Programming contest was conducted among the students of IIITM-K on August 29, 2016. The program was intended to improve the coding and problem solving skills relevant to the domain of Information Security. The program focusing on using latest security threats, advanced attack vectors, and other latest Hacking Techniques, methodologies, tools, tricks, and security measures. The participants will first begin with understanding how perimeter defenses work and then move into scanning and attacking networks, of course, no real network is harmed. The participants will also gain knowledge about Intrusion Detection, Policy Creation, Social Engineering, DDoS Attacks, Buffer Overflows, and Virus Creation, etc.

Start :
End :
Venue :
IIITMK Building P.O. Karyavattom Kazhakoottam Technopark Campus Kazhakkoottam Kerala 695581

Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Md Meraj Uddin
Email :

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Anirban Dey Male IIITM-K
2 Amrutha A.V. Female IIITM-K
3 Athira Nair Female
4 Nandana Murali Female IIITM-K
5 Prem Thushar S B Male
6 Sutirtha Bhattacharyya Male IIITM-K
7 Mrudula Vipin Female
8 Akansha Jain Female IIITM-K
9 Arjun Sunil Male IIITM-K
10 Jaideep Thambi Male IIITM-K
11 Alex Devassy Male IIITM-K
12 Athul Ramesh K Male
13 Vishak Jayaraj P Male IIITM-K
14 Jojo Anto Antony Male
15 Vivek Jain Male IIITM-K
16 Saradindu Sengupta Male IIITM-K
17 Suvarna C S Female IIITM-K
18 Sruthi M Female IIITM-K
19 Archana Thomas Female IIITM-K
20 Abhery Guha Female IIITM-K
21 Asha John Female IIITM-K
22 Ayon Saha Male IIITM-K
23 Muhammad Shafi Male IIITM-K
24 Alda Agnes Gomary Female IIITM-K
25 Himanshu Goyal Male IIITM-K
26 Shan Jose Female IIITM-K
27 Anju Jose Female IIITM-K
28 Reshma M Female IIITM-K
29 Sruthi P.V. Female IIITM-K
30 Sona K Female IIITM-K
31 James Joy Male IIITM-K
32 Alan Joy Male IIITMK
33 Ramakrishanan T Male IIITM-K
34 Gaurav Raj Male IIITM-K
35 Anusha Garg Female IIITM-K
36 Athira M O Female IIITM-K
37 Revathi A V Female IIITM-K
38 Reethu S. Babu Female IIITM-K
39 Anushad P.K. Male IIITM-K
40 Kiran R. Krishnan Male IIITM-K
41 Nikhilnath K.V. Male IIITM-K
42 Akhil A.S. Male IIITM-K
43 Amal Das Male IIITM-K
44 Samuel G. Kurian Male IIITM-K
45 Manoj Rajak Male IIITM-K
46 Dipika Sengupta Female IIITM-K
47 Vipin Raj Male IIITM-K
48 Deepak Sahu Male IIITM-K

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