Information Security Awareness Workshop : Department of Computer Science Delhi Technological University Delhi India

Event Details

A seminar was conducted by Department of Computer Science, Delhi Technological University, Delhi, jointly with Computer Society of India, Delhi chapter on CYBER SECURITY CHALLENGES IN DIGITAL INDIA on 7th November 2016 at DTU, Delhi. The program was splited into two halves, with the first half as "Orientation Session," which began with National Anthem. Thereafter, chief guest of the program, Prof. Yogesh Singh, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, DTU enlightened the august gathering with his enlightening words. He sparked this session by discussing real time security threats happened in past and also in present scenario. After this Prof. Om Prakah Verma, HOD, CSE, DTU touched upon some finer detail of Digital India Program. Other guest includes Mr. Shiv kumar, Regional Vice President, region – I, CSI, India. He gave a brief introduction about CSI and told about the various membership option available and benefit of Joining CSI.
For the send half of the program, DR. Anup Girdhar, CEO-Founder,Sedulity Solutions & Technologies delivered a vibrant talk on Cyber security challenges in Digitization. He enlightened the gathering about secure use of Internet and various mobile applications in a secure manner. Then he also described, how so many applications are hacking and using our data for their sentiment analysis and also uses it for other purposes as well.
The program was attended by faculties and students from both PG and UG level. Everyone enjoyed the program and gained substantial knowledge about using interconnected system in a secure manner.
The program ended by vote of thanks by Mr. Manoj Sethi, Vice Chairman, CSI Delhi chapter.

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Venue :
Department of Computer Science Delhi Technological University Delhi India

Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Mr. Manoj Sethi
Email :

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Sachin Kumar Male DTU
2 Anamika Agrawal Female DTU
3 Divya Gupta Female DTU
4 Priya Singh Female DTU
5 Kishwar Khan Male DTU
6 Kanchan Female DTU
7 Saurabh Raj Sangwan Male DTU
8 Anish Philip Male DTU
9 Dhiraj Kumar Gupta Male DTU
10 Rajat Ghugh Male DTU
11 Parikshit Hooda Male DTU
12 Prince Piyush Male DTU
13 Navpreet Singh Male DTU
14 Mohit Gupta Male DTU
15 Rahul Singh Rawat Male DTU
16 Aditi Sharma Female DTU
17 Shine Kamal Female DTU
18 Ravi Ranjan Male DTU
19 Sangeeta Female DTU
20 Aditya Goyal Male DTU
21 Chandan Kumar Yadav Male DTU
22 Sunil Dalal Male DTU
23 Deepal Male DTU
24 Nitin Male DTU
25 Zoya Female DTU
26 Rakesh Chandra Srivastava Male DTU
27 Deepak Kumar Male DTU
28 Kavinder Singh Male DTU
29 Shubham Jain Male DTU
30 Utkarsh Gupta Male DTU
31 Ravita Meena Female DTU
32 Virat Patel Male DTU
33 Vaibhav Gautam Male DTU
34 Sandhya Adhikari Female DTU
35 Chirag Chawla Male DTU
36 Kushagra Jain Male DTU
37 Mukhtar Ali Male DTU
38 Ashish Kumar Male DTU
39 Dharmendra Kumar Male DTU
40 Aishwary Kumar Female DTU
41 Rajyavardhan Singh Male DTU
42 Anchal Bhola Female DTU
43 Divyanshu Singh Male DTU
44 Pradeep Yadav Male DTU
45 Rahul Katarya Male DTU
46 Pawan Kumar Male DTU
47 Jyoti Swarup Female DTU
48 Gopal Male DTU
49 Sangeeta Female DTU
50 Gautam Male DTU
51 Firoz Male DTU
52 Ayush Male DTU
53 Amit Male DTU
54 Dipankar Male DTU
55 Prof. O.P. Verma Male DTU
56 Dr. Daya Gupta Female DTU
57 Dr. Rajni Jindal Female DTU
58 Mr. Vinod Kumar Male DTU
59 Mr. Manoj Kumar Male DTU
60 Mr. R.K. Yadav Male DTU
61 Dr. Kapil Sharma Male DTU
62 Dr. S.K. Saxena Male DTU
63 Mr. Manoj Sethi Male DTU
64 Dr.Ruchika Malhotra Female DTU
65 Dr.Akshi Kumar Female DTU
66 Mrs. Divya Shikha Sethia Female DTU
67 Mr. Rahul Katarya Male DTU
68 Mr. Ritu Agarwal Female DTU
69 Dr. Seba Susan Female DTU
70 Ms. Anamika Chauhan Female DTU
71 Mr. Anil Singh Parihar Male DTU
72 Ms. Geetanjali Garg Female DTU
73 Ms. Geetanjali Bhola Female DTU
74 Mr. Ram Murti Rawat Male DTU
75 Mr. Rahul Gupta Male DTU
76 Ms. Kusum Lata Female DTU
77 Mr. Indu Singh Female DTU
78 Nitin Jain Male DTU
79 Sahil Raheja Male DTU

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