Information Security Awareness Workshop : National Academy of Broadcasting and Multimedia Delhi(Earlier Staff Training Institute Delhi)RADIO COLONY KINGSWAY DELHI-110009

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The global scenario has undergone a sea change in terms of enhanced threat perceptions and ever increasing vulnerabilities, with the proliferation of internet, wide spread use of IECT solutions for various social and economic activities. This is further complicated by fast emergence of newer technologies. The nature of the cyber space viz., usually borderless and anonymity of action is exploited by perpetrating crimes by adversaries. The scale and sophistication of such incidents are continuously increasing. The challenges include possibility of espionage, targeted and deliberate attacks and difficulties in traceability in the cyber world as the state and non state actors are compromising, stealing, changing and destroying valuable information; and thus potentially causing risk and un-estimated losses to the national security, economic growth, public safety and competitiveness.

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End :
Venue :
National Academy of Broadcasting and Multimedia Delhi(Earlier Staff Training Institute Delhi)RADIO COLONY KINGSWAY DELHI-110009

Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Neha Bajpai
Email :

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Dr. Rakesh Kumar Male NABM (T)
2 R.B. Ram Male NABM (T)
3 I.I. George Male NABM (T)
4 Shashi Kant Male NABM (T)
5 Surender Singh Male NABM (T)
6 Rajender Kumar Male NABM (T)
7 Kashmir Singh Male NABM (T)
8 S.K. Goyal Male NABM (T)
9 Devendra Kumar Kataria Male NABM (T)
10 Arun Kumar Khanna Male NABM (T)
11 Ompal Singh Male NABM (T)
12 V.K. Grover Male NABM (T)
13 N.K. Dixit Male NABM (T)
14 V.K. Soni Male NABM (T)
15 Prabha Jain Female NABM (T)
16 D.S. Rana Male NABM (T)
17 Abhay Kumar Male NABM (T)
18 P.N. Prasad Male NABM (T)
19 I.R. Meena Male NABM (T)
20 Sampooran Singh Male NABM (T)
21 Vijay Kumar Toppo Male NABM (T)
22 Rama Shankar Male NABM (T)
23 Ashutosh Gaur Male NABM (T)
24 Rakesh Kumar Male NABM (T)
25 K.S. Rawat Male NABM (T)
26 Meena Negi Female NABM (T)
27 Alpana Pandey Female NABM (T)
28 Vishwajitbatra Male NABM (T)
29 Kulbhushan Male NABM (T)
30 Hari Das Ahirwar Male NABM (T)
31 Ak. Paswan Male NABM (P)
32 B.N. Choudhary Male NABM (P)
33 S.K. Tyagi Male NABM (P)
34 A.K. Barua Male NABM (P)
35 K. Unnikrishnan Menon Male NABM (P)
36 Anil K. Bhatnagar Male NABM (P)
37 Ashok Kumar Ojha Male NABM (P)
38 Sudhir Male NABM (P)
39 Charan Singh Male NABM (P)
40 Somvir Male NABM (P)
41 M.L. Sharma Male NABM (P)
42 Darvinder Kumar Male NABM (P)
43 Anil Male HPT AIR Kingsway
44 S.P.Dabas Male HPT AIR Kingsway
45 N.K. Meena Male HPT AIR Kingsway
46 Rajeev Chutani Male HPT AIR Kingsway
47 R.S. Kharyal Male HPT AIR Kingsway
48 A.K. Tripathi Male HPT AIR Kingsway
49 Anil Kumar Male HPT AIR Kingsway
50 R.D. Bakshi Male HPT AIR Kingsway
51 Padam Male HPT AIR Kingsway
52 Ashwini Female HPT AIR Kingsway
53 Ganesh Singh Bisht Male HPT AIR Kingsway
54 R. Satija Male HPT AIR Kingsway
55 R. Sangar Male HPT AIR Kingsway
56 Renu Gupta Female HPT AIR Kingsway

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