Information Security Awareness Workshop : Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Information TechnologyChandiwala Estate Maa Anandmai Marg Kalkaji New Delhi-110019 India

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The global scenario has undergone a sea change in terms of enhanced threat perceptions and ever increasing vulnerabilities, with the proliferation of internet, wide spread use of IECT solutions for various social and economic activities. This is further complicated by fast emergence of newer technologies. The nature of the cyber space viz., usually borderless and anonymity of action is exploited by perpetrating crimes by adversaries. The scale and sophistication of such incidents are continuously increasing. The challenges include possibility of espionage, targeted and deliberate attacks and difficulties in traceability in the cyber world as the state and non state actors are compromising, stealing, changing and destroying valuable information; and thus potentially causing risk and un-estimated losses to the national security, economic growth, public safety and competitiveness.

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Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Information TechnologyChandiwala Estate Maa Anandmai Marg Kalkaji New Delhi-110019 India

Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

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Neha Bajpai
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Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Aditya Bali Male BCIIT
2 Akshat Koka Male BCIIT
3 Anoop Kumar Singh Male BCIIT
4 Ankita Pal Female BCIIT
5 Ashu Ahlawat Male BCIIT
6 Dheeraj Singh Karki Male BCIIT
7 Gautam Bhatia Male BCIIT
8 Hitesh Kumar Male BCIIT
9 Jessica Das Female BCIIT
10 Mayank Kaushik Male BCIIT
11 Munish Sharma Male BCIIT
12 Namita Sharma Female BCIIT
13 Neelu Aggarwal Female BCIIT
14 Pryangan Chowdhury Male BCIIT
15 Rabindra Kumar Singh Male BCIIT
16 Rahul Moses Male BCIIT
17 Ritu Tomar Female BCIIT
18 Sagar Gupta Male BCIIT
19 Seema Upadhyay Female BCIIT
20 Shubham Patel Male BCIIT
21 Shubham Dhyani Male BCIIT
22 Siddhant Sharma Male BCIIT
23 Saket Kumar Male BCIIT
24 Smriti Babbar Female BCIIT
25 Sanchit Arora Male BCIIT
26 Sanjeev Kumar Male BCIIT
27 Sanjay Chaudhary Male BCIIT
28 Sneha Jindal Female BCIIT
29 Suman Panwar Female BCIIT
30 Tinkle Singh Bindra Male BCIIT
31 Yugantar Rawat Male BCIIT
32 Adhiraj Wilson Nathaniel Male BCIIT
33 Aditya Garg Male BCIIT
34 Ajit Kumar Roy Male BCIIT
35 Akshay Verma Male BCIIT
36 Akshita Suri Female BCIIT
37 Anil Kumar Male BCIIT
38 Anurag Male BCIIT
39 Aparna Anand Female BCIIT
40 Ayus Prasad Male BCIIT
41 Chhaya Gupta Female BCIIT
42 Deepak Kumar Male BCIIT
43 Deepankar Singh Ranswal Male BCIIT
44 Gaman Seth Male BCIIT
45 Gaurav Rai Male BCIIT
46 Geetansh Malhotra Male BCIIT
47 Haffiza Ghazal Female BCIIT
48 Kartikey Bhushan Pandey Male BCIIT
49 Khushal Juneja Male BCIIT
50 Mohd. Sohel Ahmed Sagar Male BCIIT
51 Navneet Pathak Male BCIIT
52 Nikhil Soni Male BCIIT
53 Nitika Garg Male BCIIT
54 Nitin Arora Male BCIIT
55 Nitish Mishra Male BCIIT
56 Pooja Gupta Female BCIIT
57 Pratiksha Dhamija Female BCIIT
58 Puneet Dochania Male BCIIT
59 Rajat Kumar Male BCIIT
60 Rupesh Male BCIIT
61 Sakshi Bhargava Female BCIIT
62 Saloni Seth Female BCIIT
63 Satya Prakash Singh Male BCIIT
64 Shivani Sharma Female BCIIT
65 Shradha Khattar Female BCIIT
66 Shriyansh Kumar Male BCIIT
67 Shubham Male BCIIT
68 Siddharth Bhargava Male BCIIT
69 Surbhi Bhasin Female BCIIT
70 Udit Kain Male BCIIT
71 Vaibhav Kumar Male BCIIT
72 Vipul Aggarwal Male BCIIT
73 Yatha Swami Female BCIIT
74 Himani Female BCIIT
75 Anmol Jain Male BCIIT
76 Harsh Kumar Sharma Male BCIIT
77 Saheel Bharti Male BCIIT
78 Lakshay Rajoria Male BCIIT
79 Sanjay Tomar Male BCIIT
80 Neel Komal Female BCIIT
81 Prashant Mishra Male BCIIT

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