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Aim and Objectives of Course
Mobile, ad hoc and wireless sensor networks are designed to operate in widely varying environments; from military networks to low power sensor networks and other embedded systems. However, these networks introduce new security challenges due to their dynamic topology, severe resource constraints, and absence of a trusted infrastructure. With regard to such security aspects, there is an increasing demand for measures to guarantee and fully attain authentication, confidentiality, data integrity, privacy, access control, nonrepudiation, and availability of mobile ad hoc and sensor networks. The proposed course will help academicians, engineers, researchers, and professionals to stay abreast of the latest security challenges in wireless, mobile, ad hoc and sensor networks and recent developments to address them.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Applications and evolution of mobile ad hoc and sensor systems
  • Secure PHY and MAC protocols
  • Key management
  • Security under resource constraints
  • Performance and security tradeoffs
  • Data replication and caching security
  • Secure data aggregation
  • Cooperation based secure systems and services
  • Intrusion detection and tolerance
  • Secure location services
Registration Fees
No registration fee will be charged from the participants.

Important Dates
Course Dates Feb 02-07, 2017
Last Date for Receiving Application Jan 30, 2017
Selection Notification Jan 31, 2017
Confirmation From the Participants Jan 31, 2017
Contact Details
Dr. Naveen Chauhan
Coordinator, STMASS-17
Dept of Computer Science and Engineering
NIT Hamirpur (HP)   177 005
Phone: +91 1972 254432/+91 94180 96795
Email:  mobile.nith@gmail.com


Subject :
Security Trends in Mobile Ad hoc and Sensor Systems (STMASS-17)
Start :
End :
Venue :
Department of Computer Science & Engineering NIT Hamirpur

Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Dr. Narottam Chand Kaushal
Email :

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Tajinder Singh Male
2 Mohamad Ahsan Male
3 Arvind Dhaka Male
4 Prashant Kumar Male
5 Nishant Sharma Male
6 Triveni Lal Pal Male
7 Anamika Sharma Female
8 Pankaj Kumar Male
9 Tanuj Wala Female
10 Kusum Lata Female
11 Richa Female
12 Parnika Bhat Female
13 Rituraj Singh Rathore Male
14 Shalu Female
15 Apoorva Dwivedi Male
16 Tarun Choudhary Male
17 M Nithin Varma Male
18 Prateek Asthana Male
19 Anchal Thakur Female
20 Mekala Girish Kumar Male
21 Gaurav Male
22 Kodeeswari.M Female
23 Ashish Goswami Male
24 Shelja Female
25 Rajneesh Sharma Male
26 Shilpa Thakur Female
27 Aastha Modgil Female
28 Rahul Bhatia Male
29 Shashi Kumar Male
30 Lincolin Amory Ranee Male
31 Priyanka Gautam Female
32 Dhriti Bharti Female
33 Anand Kumar Ohm Male
34 Om Prakash Singh Male
35 Parul Chauhan Female
36 Vinay Dubey Male
37 Himanshu Kumar Male
38 Y Asrar Ahmed Male
39 Gurpreet Singh Male
40 Dilip Kumar Male
41 Piyush Rawat Male
42 Sumit Bainda Male
43 Kanchan Jha Female
44 Aastha Maheshwari Female
45 Subeesh A Male
46 Rajesh Kumar Male
47 Umesh Pal Singh Male
48 Vibha Jain Female
49 Priyanka Yadav Female
50 Nilanshi Chauhan Female
51 Pallavi Kaushik Female
52 Varsha Katre Female
53 Himani Sikrawar Female
54 Deeksha Chaurasia Female
55 Supriya Shakya Female
56 Shivangi Gupta Female
57 Hs Lalventhangi Female
58 Vivek Sethi Male
59 Avani Vyas Female
60 Poonam Kashtriya Male
61 Ankit Songara Male
62 Bharti Female
63 Jibran Hafeez Male
64 Prabhleen Singh Male
65 Abhishek Mani Shukla Male
66 Monish Bhatia Male
67 Sukannya Chetry Female
68 Ranjan Kumar Gupta Male
69 Rajnisha Kumari Female
70 Burla Satyanarayana Male
71 Neha Sharma Female
72 Parmjit Singh Male
73 Nishi Gangwar Female

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