Information Security Awareness Workshop : Police Commissioner Office Rachakonda Police

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Ramesh Nacharam Ps
2 Sri. S. Murali Krishna Vanasthalipuram Ps
3 Sri. M .Gopal Vanasthalipuram Ps
4 Sri. L. Krishnam Raju Vanasthalipuram Ps
5 M. Linga Swamy Vanasthalipuram Ps
6 Sri. Nagaraju Vanasthalipuram Ps
7 Kum. Varalaxmi Vanasthalipuram Ps
8 Sri. J. Narender Goud Haythnagar Ps
9 Sri. G. Manmadha Kumar Haythnagar Ps
10 Sri. B. Sreenu HayathnagarAbmt PS
11 Sri. S. Praveen Reddy Hayathnagar Ps
12 Sri. M. Bixpathi HayathnagarAbmt Ps
13 Sri. N.Ch.Ranga Swamy Meerpet Ps
14 Sri. A.A.Raju Meerpet Ps
15 Sri. H.Raghavender Meerpet Ps
16 Sri. P.Sammaiah Meerpet Ps
17 Sri. Ch.Srisailam Meerpet Ps
18 Sri. Chandra Reddy Pahadishareef Ps
19 Sri. Kumar Pahadishareef Ps
20 Sri. Mogulappa Pahadishareef Ps
21 Sri. Kasi Reddy LB Nagar PS
22 Sri.Sudarshan LB Nagar PS
23 Sri.Maraiah LB Nagar PS
24 Sri. Ashook Reddy LB Nagar PS
25 Sri.Upendar LB Nagar PS
26 Sri. Lingaiah Saroornagar Ps
27 Sri. C.Srinivas Reddy Saroornagar Ps
28 Sri. H. Prabhakar Saroornagar Ps
29 Sri. K.A Thirumalesh Saroornagar Ps
30 Sri. B. Shravan Kumar Saroornagar Ps
31 Sri. Guru Raghavendra Chaitanyapuri PS
32 Sri. D Venkatesh Chaitanyapuri PS
33 Sri. N.Naga Raju Chaitanyapuri PS
34 Sri. K.Yadaiah Chaitanyapuri PS
35 Sri . G. Eroji Ibrahimpatnam PS
36 Sri. Achaiah Ibrahimpatnam PS
37 Sri. Srishaiam Ibrahimpatnam PS
38 Sri. Ganga Ram Manchal PS
39 Sri . K. Yadagiri Manchal PS
40 Sri . Lachairam Manchal PS
41 Sri Murali Manchal PS
42 Sri. Subhash Yacharam PS
43 Sri Krishna Yacharam PS
44 Sri Chennakeshava Raju Kandukur Ps
45 Sri .Ganapathi Kandukur Ps
46 Sri. Venkatesh Kandukur Ps
47 Sri Bharath Naidu Maheswaram Ps
48 Sri. Jagadeesh Maheswaram Ps
49 Sri .Kiran Kumar Reddy Maheswaram Ps
50 Sri . Madan Lal Adibatla PS
51 Parvathalu Adibatla PS
52 Sri .Krishna Adibatla PS
53 Suresh Madugula Ps
54 P. Raghuveer Reddy Yadagirigutta circle
55 M. Shankar Bhongir Town PS
56 M. Vija Krishna Murthy Bhongir Town PS
57 K. Malleshwari Bhongir Town PS
58 Md. Sajidulla Bhongir Rural PS
59 D. Suresh Kumar Bibinagar PS
60 Y. Yadagiri Bibinagar PS
61 G. Prabhakar Yadagirigutta PS
62 M. Nagi Reddy Yadagirigutta PS
63 M. Beesanna Rajapet PS
64 Md. Masiuddin Thurkapally PS
65 P. Ashok Kumar Motakondur PS
66 N. Srinivas Ramannapet PS
67 B. Naganna Ramannapet PS
68 D. Venkateshwarlu Valigonda PS
69 P. Shiva Again Prasad Athmakur (M) PS
70 M. Ravikumar Mothkur PS
71 M. Satyanarayana Addagudur PS
72 Ch. Sailu Choutuppal Ps
73 Y. Venkat Ram Reddy Pochampally PS
74 K Shivaji Reddy Narayanpur PS
75 S. Ashok Kumar Jawahar Nagar PS
76 Uday Bhaskar Jawahar Nagar PS
77 V. Ganesh Jawahar Nagar PS
78 B. Anandkumar Jawahar Nagar PS
79 Ravinder Keesara PS
80 Jagdeshwar Reddy Keesara PS
81 Sriramulu Keesara PS
82 Lakhan Keesara PS
83 M. Prabakar Reddy Kushaiguda PS
84 M.Ravi Kushaiguda PS
85 M. Ravi Kumar Kushaiguda PS
86 A.Gopal Kushaiguda PS
87 M. Shekar Reddy Kushaiguda PS
88 M. Jagadeish Chender Neredmet PS
89 K.Chandra Kumar Neredmet PS
90 K. Bhikya Naik Neredmet PS
91 Vikender Neredmet PS
92 Sri.M.Ganghadar Malkajgiri Ps
93 Ch.Shankaraiah Malkajgiri Ps
94 Ch.Venkateswarlu Malkajgiri Ps
95 N.Srinivas Malkajgiri Ps
96 Praveen Goud Malkajgiri Ps
97 Ramulu Nacharam Ps
98 Balraj Nacharam Ps
99 Srinivas Nacharam Ps
100 Sri. Ramasuryan Uppal Ps
101 Sri. Krishnaiah Uppal Ps
102 Sri. Mallikarjun Uppal Ps
103 Sri. Sathyanarayana Uppal Ps
104 M Muni Medipally Ps
105 Jayaram Medipally Ps
106 J Venkata Reddy Medipally Ps
107 G Vidya Sagar Medipally Ps
108 T Punnapu Reddy Medipally Ps
109 Ch. Chandrashekar Ghatkesar Ps
110 T. Venkataiah Ghatkesar Ps
111 Abbas Ghatkesar Ps
112 G. Srinvias Ghatkesar Ps

Event Details

Information Security Awareness workshop was  conducted  for Rachakonda Police officers of Telangana State Police under Government Official category, on January 09 2017 at  Police Commissioner Office, Hyderabad, Telangana. The number of participants were 112, Police Officers. The Topics covered in the workshop are  1. Introduction to Internet, 2. Cyber Ethics, 3.Online Threats, 4.Social Engineering, 5.Risk with Social Networking, 6.Browser Security, 7.Mobile security, 8.WiFi Security, 9.Tracing of Email.
“How to trace the emails “ and “Checking the Header information of E-Mail” was demonstrated. The session was planned and delivered as per the current requirements and issues / threats in the Internet world.
Mr. I L Narasimha Rao has coordinated the session.

Subject :
Information Security Awareness Workshop : Police Commissioner Office Rachakonda Police
Start :
End :
Venue :
Police Commissioner Office Rachakonda Police
Registration Status :

Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Mr. I L Narasimha Rao
Mobile :
Email :

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