Information Security Awareness Workshop : DAV Public School Bilaspur


Information security Awareness Workshop

The Information security Awareness Workshop scheduled on 21
th october, 2016 at the Campus of , DAV Public School Bilaspur

The Objective of the programme is to educate school and college students across the state on cyber crime and prevent them from falling prey About one third population would be contacted through different programmes like community based programmes, creating student mentorships, poster and sticker display across the state.


The major objectives of the workshop includes spreading awareness to the Internet users, making the user aware about Computer viruses, online scams, credit card Scam, Identity Theft, ATM Threats and e-Mail Threats and tips.


Subject :
Information Security Awareness Workshop : DAV Public School Bilaspur
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DAV Public School Bilaspur
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Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Mr.Navdeep Singh chahal
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