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Workshop Overview: This is the first Advanced Workshop that provides an Hands On Experience for Applications of Blockchain on varieties of Societal Applications.  ( the course was followed by a workshop). The Workshop speakers included external experst from Purdue University, IBM Research, National University of Singapore.

Blockchain has emerged as a robust solution to achieve trust and transparency across the Internet. It is based on peer-topeer architecture, which inherently guarantees that there is: 1) no single point of failure/control, 2) high availability, and 3) high resilience. To these architectural guarantees, Satoshi¬† Nakamoto devised & integrated cryptographic techniques, to emulate the real-world concept of getting paid for doing a job, so that new emergent properties like trust and transparency are also guaranteed. In this workshop we are going to understand a crypto-currency called bitcoin, which is doled out as an incentive to do the hard work of block-generation. Interlinked blocks form the blockchain. Blocks record transactions performed between peers in a publicly verifiable, immutable form. This invention provided a fresh way of re-looking at business processes that desperately vied for trust and transparency. A running application will be presented to make you understand these properties. We will also introduce you to other variants of blockchain that followed Nakamoto’s proposal; including Ethereum and its smart contract utility. The workshop will cover the concepts and theory in morning sessions followed by hands-on sessions in the evening. A basic understanding of concepts in security, privacy, and cryptographic functions is expected.

Organizing Committee Patrons

AS Ramasastri IDRBT
RK Shyamasundar IIT Bombay

NV Narendra Kumar IDRBT
Vishwas Patil IIT Bombay

Important Dates
Application deadline December 10, 2016
Notification December 15, 2016

Resource Persons
Resource persons include a list of people from industry and academia. Prof. Aniket Kate from Purdue University has confirmed his availability to deliver lectures in the workshop. A list of other confirmed speakers and their specific topics will be updated on the workshop’s website in due course of time.


  • fiat/digital currency blockchain
  • bitcoin trust & verifiability
  • ethereum smart contracts
  • blockchain variants security & privacy
  • challenges panel discussion
For more details you may write to : iitb.blockchain@gmail.com


Subject :
Advanced Hands-onWorkshop on Blockchain Technology Applications Challenges - A joint workshop organized by IIT Bombay and IDRBT Hyderabad
Start :
End :
Venue :
IDRBT Hyderabad
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Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Prof N V Narendra Kumar
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