Short Term Course : NIELIT CHENNAI

Event Details

Students who are currently pursuing their degree in Information Technology, Computer Science can attend the training and One Week hands on Training in the following topics shall be given to the students.
i. Basic Networking, OSI Layers, TCP/IP Headers, Switching, Routing, VLAN, Port Security,
ii. IT infrastructure – Server,  Storages, Virtualization
iii. Firewall configuration – Authentication, Rules, IDS, IPS, VPN, Reporting, QoS, Load Balancing, Web Filtering  , Proxy Sites, Appliance access , Backup and Restore
iv. Cyber Attacks and mitigation – Scanning , enumeration, Man-in-Middle, ARP Poisoning,  DoS, DDoS, Proxy Sites, Trojan Virus, Code Injection, Spoof Mailing , WiFi Security, brute  force  attack, Dictionary Attack, SQL injection,

Subject :
In-Plant Training in Information Security
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Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Mr.Ajay B Male
2 Mr.Arun R Male
3 Mr.Bandaru Dilip Male
4 Mr.Jeevan Kumar J Male
5 Ms.Kotapati Lavanya Female
6 Ms.Lavanya S Female
7 Ms.Mageshwari M Female
8 Ms.Malarkodi P Female
9 Ms.Manjula C Female
10 Ms.Nithya B Female
11 Ms.Pemmasani Ajitha Female
12 Ms.Pemmasani Ramya Female
13 Ms.Pinnamareddy Charitha Female
14 Mr.Ponduru Vinay Kumar Male
15 Ms.Prathipa P Female
16 Ms.Priya Dharshni V Female
17 Ms.Punitha A J Female
18 Ms.Raguru Lakshmi Female
19 Ms.Randiya P Female
20 Ms.Sagithya G U Female
21 Ms.Sangeetha C Female
22 Mr.Vinoth Kumar D Male
23 Ms.Sowmiya R Female
24 Ms.Sowndaram J Female
25 Ms.Suganthi V Female
26 Mr.Thyagarajan M Male
27 Ms.Uma Maheswari L Female
28 Ms.Vinitha R Female
29 Mr.Vinodh Sai J M Male
30 Ms.Vuchuru Javani Female
31 Ms.Atchaya Arasi A M Female
32 Mr.Niranjan P Male
33 Ms.Kannambakam Munaswamy Manasa Female
34 Ms.Macharla Lavanya Female

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