Information Security Awareness Workshop : C DAC Hardware Park Hyderabad Telangana - Police Officers

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 G. Ashok C DAC Hyderabad
2 P.Dinesh Kumar C-DAC HYDERABAD
3 S.V. Satyanarayana C DAC Hyderabad
4 M. Bhaskar C DAC Hyderabad
5 G. Mahender Reddy Male C DAC Hyderabad
6 Sheri Krishna Male C DAC Hyderabad
7 T. Laxman Male C DAC Hyderabad
8 P.Vijay Kumar Male C DAC Hyderabad
9 Rudrakshbaghmar Male C DAC Hyderabad
10 Prasanta Bhowmik Male C DAC Hyderabad
11 P.K. Gupta Male C DAC Hyderabad
12 Sreebala Devi B Female C DAC Hyderabad
13 A K Samui Male Ordnance Factory Board
14 Tanmoy Maiti Male C DAC Hyderabad
15 Shivani Singh Female C DAC Hyderabad
16 Mansi Chawla Female C DAC Hyderabad
17 Aanand Kashyap Male C DAC Hyderabad
18 Amitesh Bala Male C DAC Hyderabad
19 Akshay K. Saha Male C DAC Hyderabad
20 Koushik Ghosh Male C DAC Hyderabad
21 Zuwel Hossain Male C DAC Hyderabad
22 Somnath Sarkar Male C DAC Hyderabad
23 Diviti Venkatesh Male C DAC Hyderabad
24 Sandipan Roy Male C DAC Hyderabad
25 G. Venkateswar Rao Male C DAC Hyderabad
26 Indranil Ghosh Male

Event Details

Information Security Awareness workshop was  conducted  for Police officers of Telangana State under Government Official category, on November 18, 2016 at  C DAC, Hardware Park, Hyderabad, Telangana. The number of participants were 26, Police Officers. The Topics covered in the workshop are  1. Introduction to Internet, 2. Cyber Ethics, 3.Online Threats, 4.Social Engineering, 5.Risk with Social Networking, 6.Browser Security, 7.Mobile security, 8.WiFi Security, 9.Tracing of Email.
“How to trace the emails “ and “Checking the Header information of E-Mail” was demonstrated. The session was planned and delivered as per the current requirements and issues / threats in the Internet world.
Mr. I L Narasimha Rao has coordinated the session.

Subject :
Information Security Awareness Workshop : C DAC Hardware Park Hyderabad Telangana - Police Officers
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End :
Venue :
C DAC Hardware Park Hyderabad Telangana - Police Officers
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Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Mr. I L Narasimha Rao
Mobile :
Email :

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