Event Details

Objective of the Workshop

The objective of the course is to bring awareness in the student/teaching fraternity, about the importance and means of information security as well as empower them to safeguard the interest of the nation against cyber-crime by bringing together eminent researchers, educators, engineers and practitioners in the field under one roof.

  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Techniques
  • Phishing, Securing Online Transactions and E-mails
  • Mobile Security
  • Cryptography
  • Network Security
  • Security in IOT
  • Cyber crime and Digital Forensics
  • Web, E-commerce, M-commerce and E-mail security
  • Security in Social Media
  • Cloud and related Securities

For more details regarding course, schedule and speakers, reach us at : http://suraksha.mnnit.ac.in/

Subject :
Workshop in Information Security Research Issues and Challenges (WISRIC)
Start :
End :
Venue :

Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Prof Rama Shankar Yadav
Email :

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Vishal Sharma Not Uploaded
2 Roshan Singh Sachan Male
3 Aaqib Waleed Bhat Male
4 Aditi Rai Female
5 Aditya Gupta Male
6 Aditya Yadav Male
7 Ajay Kumar Maurya Male
8 Akanksha Singh Female
9 Akanksha Pandey Female
10 Amit Kumar Male
11 Amit Shukla Male
12 Amit Singh Male
13 Aniket Singh Male
14 Anshita Pandey Female
15 Anurag Rai Male
16 Arpita Mazumdar Female
17 Ashutosh Pandey Male
18 Avinash Dubey Male
19 Ayushi Kesharwani Female
20 Awadhesh Kumar Male
21 Chandrakant Kumar Singh Male
22 Chetan Dahal Male
23 Deepak Yadav Male
24 Deepchand Male
25 Gaurav Srivastava Male
26 Govind Kumar Male
27 Himani Mishra Female
28 Jagrati Singh Female
29 Jeetam Singh Male
30 Jokhu Lal Male
31 Kamla Prasad Male
32 Kriti Mishra Female
33 Kunwar Bheemraj Gautam Male
34 Mainejar Yadav Male
35 Mandeep Kumar Male
36 Manikant Panthi Male
37 Manish Jain Male
38 Md.Jasim Male
39 Mohd Altaf Male
40 Mohit Kumar Upadhyay Male
41 Monica Katoch Female
42 Nagendra Pandey Male
43 Namrata Tiwari Not Uploaded
44 Neeraj Tiwari Male
45 Nidhi Baranwal Female
46 Nilesh Chandra Male
47 Niranjan Kumar Male
48 Palak Gupta Female
49 Pawan Kumar Tiwari Male
50 Pooja Singh Female
51 Pragya Singh Female
52 Prakash Kumar Yadav Male
53 Prateek Tiwari Male
54 Pratishtha Srivastava Female
55 Praveen Kumar Male
56 Prince Tyagi Male
57 Priyanka Female
58 Pushpendra Gupta Male
59 Ravi Yadav Male
60 Richa Pandey Female
61 Rishabh Bhooshan Male
62 Rishabh Singh Male
63 Ritesh Sahu Male
64 Rupendra Kumar Male
65 Rupesh Kumar Pandit Male
66 Saddam Ahmad Male
67 Sakshi Dubey Female
68 Sandeep Singh Male
69 Sanjay Kumar Maurya Male
70 Satya Deo Kumar Ram Male
71 Seenam Siddiqui Female
72 Shankar Suvan Chauhan Male
73 Shekhar Yadav Male
74 Shikha Mishra Female
75 Shivam Agarwal Male
76 Shivangi Ranjan Female
77 Shruti Jadon Female
78 Srijan Male
79 Sumit Male
80 Suneel Kumar Male
81 Sunita Hembram Female
82 Suresh Kumar Male
83 Suryabala Female
84 Swati Mishra Female
85 Sweta Singh Female
86 Tripti Singh Female
87 Vaibhav Srivastava Male
88 Vindhya Kumar Male
89 Vivek Yadav Male
90 Yash Sinha Male

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