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The course is targeted towards engineers and IT professionals who wish to venture into the domain of advanced computing. The course aims to groom the students to enable them to work on current technology scenarios as well as prepare them to keep pace with the changing face of technology and the requirements of the growing IT industry. The course curriculum has been designed keeping in view the emerging trends in advanced computing as well as contemporary and futuristic human resource requirements of the ICT industry. The entire course syllabus, courseware, teaching methodology and the course delivery have been derived from the rich research and development background of C-DAC. The depth and width of the course is unique in the industry covering a wide spectrum of requirements of the ICT industry. Running successfully for more than seventeen years, the DAC course has yielded more than quarter million of students, who are well positioned in the industry today.

Web Application and Internet Security

Web Application Security

  • Web application Security Risks
  • Identifying the Application Security Risks
  • Threat Risk Modeling
  • OWASP Top 10 Concepts
Internet Security
  • Security Fundamentals
  • Firewalls
  • Types of Firewalls
  • Limitations of firewall
  • Intrusion Detection And Prevention
  • Intrusion risks
  • Security policy
  • Monitoring  and reporting of  traffics
  • Traffic shaping
  • Investigating and verifying detected intrusions
  • Recovering from, reporting and documenting intrusions
  • Define the Types of intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Intrusion prevention system basics
  • Limitations of  Intrusion Prevention System
  • Spoof Prevention
  • Dos
  • Qos Policy
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Packet Signature and Analysis
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Deploy and managing  VPN
  • VPN Performance tuning and error handling
  • VPN routing
  • DMZ and  virtual host
  • Reverse proxy

Subject :
Web Application and Internet Security
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End :
Venue :
Ameerpet C-DAC

Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Ms. Neha Shri
Email :

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Abhishek Kumar Verma Male
2 Akshay Kumar Verma Male
3 Aman Vij Male
4 Apurva Raj Male
5 Aviroop Sanyal Male
6 Ayush Raj Male
7 B Sharath Male
8 Bandaru Lalitha Bala Madhuri Male
9 Ralkar Chetan Ramesh Male
10 Deepak Kumar Male
11 Gopisetty Chaitanya Male
12 Gaddameedi Sandhya Radhaveenakumari Male
13 Gunjan Gupta Male
14 Himanshu Vyas Male ICANN International Event
15 Ishan Ojha Male
16 Ishan Rastogi Male
17 Jyoti Tomar Male
18 K Rupa Pallavi Male
19 Kayarkar Shivani Suresh Male
20 Lende Paresh Ashok Male
21 Mehak Guglani Male
22 Mohammed Habeeb Rehaman Male
23 Neepun Rajput Male
24 Neeti Gupta Male
25 Yelamanchili Nikhil Nagendra Kumar Male
26 Nikita Thakur Male
27 Pandravada Vinay Male
28 Panuganti Sahithya Male
29 Pappuru Ragasruthi Male
30 Pawan Kumar Dixit Male
31 Pratik Sarangi Male
32 Priyesh Wangikar Male
33 Puneet Maheshwari Male
34 Rajit Joshi Male
35 Rishabh Singh Male
36 Rituraj Gaurav Male
37 Jayapathi Sairam Male
38 Sajal Jain Male
39 Sakshi Srivastava Male
40 Santosh Kumar Singh Male
41 Saurav Gautam Male
42 Sharma Pankaj Shreetileshwar Male
43 Shastri Sourabh Sunil Male
44 Shiv Nath Batra Male
45 Shobhit Sinha Male
46 Shubham Shukla Male
47 Sonam Saxena Male
48 Tanigundala Sri Vidya Male
49 Sumitendra Narayan Chaudhuri Male
50 Tapan Kumar Mohakul Male
51 Tushar Male
52 Vadla Vamshikrishna Male
53 Vaibhav G Vishwakarma Male
54 Vipul Shrivastava Male

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