Short Term Course : Ameerpet Office CDAC Hyderabad

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Post Graduate Diploma in System Software Development (PG DSSD) giving emphasis to secure software design & implementation practices as per the Industry needs. Post Graduate Diploma in System Software Development (PG DSSD) is a 22 weeks fulltime course consisting of 9 modules including an industry relevant project and a seminar. C-DAC which is doing pioneering research work in providing system and network security solutions has the requisite expertise to conceive, design to develop and implement training program in system software development. The result of their efforts is the most successful career oriented course “Post Graduate Diploma in System Software Development” (PG DSSD) for Engineers in Electronics, Computer Science and Information Technology and also for Computer Science Post Graduates.

Computer Networks Security and Web security

Introduction, OSI Layers, TCP/IP protocol suite, underlying technologies, network layer, transport layer & protocols, application layer protocols, Network Packet capturing, Security Engineering Overview, Goals of Security, Types of Cryptographic algorithms, Digital Signatures and certificates, viruses & Intruders, Firewall & Intrusion Detection System, Security Protocols, Application Security, Coding Threats and Malware Analysis.

Subject :
Computer Networks Security and Web security
Start :
End :
Venue :
Ameerpet Office CDAC Hyderabad

Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Ms. Neha Shri
Email :

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Aarathi C Male
2 Abbu Sandeep Reddy Male
3 Abhishek Jadhav Male
4 Amit Kumar Yadav Male
5 Ankur Chaudhari Male
6 Arif Hussain Male
7 Arjun Sharman Male
8 Aryan Kumar Male
9 Jarubula Ashish Male
10 Ashok Prakash Shukla Male
11 Deepankar Dev Male
12 Deepika Kumari Male
13 G Omprakash Male
14 Lenka Ganesh Male
15 Gore Pooja Nandkumar Male
16 Grandhi Sivasai Male
17 K Jayant Kumar Male
18 K Navya Male
19 Karuna Verma Male
20 Killari Geetanjali Male
21 Kumari Nilu Male
22 Kunj Bihari Lal Male
23 Madhavi Y Male
24 A Lakshmi Manasa Male
25 Meshram Paresh Ramdas Male
26 Mohammad Azam Sharif Male
27 Nitesh Kumar Yadav Male
28 Nitin Bharat Jangre Male
29 Janga Pooja Male
30 Pragya Kaurava Male
31 Pranav Kaushik Male
32 Pratiksha Ranjan Male
33 Pulavarthi Harish Male
34 Racha Sharanya Male
35 Rahul Singh Khatri Male
36 Raparthi Satish Kumar Male
37 Raparthi Venkat Krishna Male
38 Ravuri John Rakesh Male
39 Patil Rohidas Subhash Male
40 Sameer Male
41 Saurabh A Kale Male
42 Botlaguduru N V Saisrujan Male
43 Suneet Kumar Chauhan Male
44 Shah Tanmay Manojkumar Male

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