Short Term Course : CSE Department NIT Rourkela

Event Details

The Workshop on Recent Trends in Software Testing (RTST) will provide a forum for discussions on theoretical and practical aspects of advanced software testing, exchanging research ideas and challenges, exploring possible solutions and future directions. This is the 8th workshop of the series. The main goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners from both academia and industry.
The workshop mainly includes invited lectures on recent advances in software testing both from industry and academia. The invited lectures will mainly cover the following areas: mc/dc testing, concolic testing, model based testing, object-oriented testing strategies, regression testing, test case optimization and prioritization, testing of web, SOA and cloud based applications. The invited talks will be delivered by experts from IITs, ISIs, faculty members of NIT, Rourkela, experts from other sister NITs & other reputed institutes and experts from industry.
Besides this, the participants will be given hands on software testing using tools such as RFT, JaBUTi, TestComplete, JMeter, Jumble, SOAP UI etc.
This year two new events – poster presentation and Innovative Project Contest have been included in the workshop.

Subject :
Recent Trends in Software Testing
Start :
End :
Venue :
CSE Department NIT Rourkela

Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Prof. Durga Prasad Mahapatra
Email :

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Nitrcsrtst2015001 Male Abhishek Ray
2 Nitrcsrtst2015002 Female Aishwaryarani Behera
3 Nitrcsrtst2015003 Male Ajay Kumar Jena
4 Nitrcsrtst2015004 Female Anjali Dewangan
5 Nitrcsrtst2015005 Male Arup Abhinna Acharya
6 Nitrcsrtst2015006 Female Avilasa Mohapatra
7 Nitrcsrtst2015007 Male Bidush Kumar Sahoo
8 Nitrcsrtst2015008 Male D. Anil Kumar
9 Nitrcsrtst2015009 Female Debishree Dagar
10 Nitrcsrtst2015010 Female Dr. Ranjita Kumar Swain
11 Nitrcsrtst2015011 Male Jagannath Singh
12 Nitrcsrtst2015012 Male Jay Sarraf
13 Nitrcsrtst2015013 Male Kamaljeet Dash
14 Nitrcsrtst2015014 Female Leena Das
15 Nitrcsrtst2015015 Female Madhumita Panda
16 Nitrcsrtst2015016 Female Madhusmita Sahu
17 Nitrcsrtst2015017 Female Swatee Rekha Mohanty
18 Nitrcsrtst2015018 Female Namita Panda
19 Nitrcsrtst2015019 Female Neelam Mohanty
20 Nitrcsrtst2015020 Female Pinky Mohapatra
21 Nitrcsrtst2015021 Female Poornima Naik
22 Nitrcsrtst2015022 Male Prachet Bhuyan
23 Nitrcsrtst2015023 Female Prateeva Mahan
24 Nitrcsrtst2015024 Male Santi Swarup Basa
25 Nitrcsrtst2015025 Male Santosh Panda
26 Nitrcsrtst2015026 Male Shrimann Upadhyay
27 Nitrcsrtst2015027 Male Sohanjyoti Mohanty
28 Nitrcsrtst2015028 Male Soumyaranjan Rath
29 Nitrcsrtst2015029 Female Soumyashree Mahapatra
30 Nitrcsrtst2015030 Male Subhrakanta Panda
31 Nitrcsrtst2015031 Female Suhani Sen
32 Nitrcsrtst2015032 Male Vikas Panthi

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