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Network Security vulnerabilities are based on interaction between compute servers and communication devices. Most compute servers are based on Unix Operating System or its variants. This FDP aims to educate Security engineers with the basics of both System and Network administration that can help them understand and appreciate the different Network Security Vulnerabilities and solutions to the same.

Detailed Syllabus
Day 1: UNIX Commands
Session 1: Introduction to Linux
                Basic commands and file handling commands
Session 2: Standard I/O, pipes and standard error related commands
Session 3: Task Control commands
Session 4: Basics of System administration

Day 2: UNIX Basic scripting
Session 1: Setting environment variables and using them in command line
Session 2: Basic looping syntaxes in shell script
Session 3: Continuation of looping syntaxes in shell script
Session 4: Practicing sample shell scripts

Day 3: Networking Basics
Session 1: Networking Terminologies
Session 2: Structure of Internet and packet delays: Introduction
Session 3: Network devices
Session 4: Network Administration in Linux


Subject :
Basics of Linux and Network Administration for Security Engineers
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ICSR Hall IIT Madras Campus
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Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

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Prof V Kamakoti
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