Information Security Awareness Workshop : Address Plot No 63Site-4Sahibabad Industrial AreaSurya Nagar Flyover RoadSahibabad Gaziabad Uttar Pradesh 201004Phone 099014 49090

Event Details

CDAC, Noida had conducted half day Information Security Awareness workshop for around 169 Students of Inderprastha Engineering College, Ghaziabad, U.P. on 05th August 2016.

 The training program was started with the welcome speech of Ms. Neha Bajpai, Coordinator, ISEA Workshops,CDAC, Noida. She discussed about the importance of the Information Security Awareness workshops for the Engneering students. She emphasized on an evolution towards the e-society, where persons are replaced by e-applications, where all systems are interconnected, where there is a rise in the amount of mobile devices and where social networks are used increasingly. Ms. Priyanks Jain, Project Engineer, CDAC, Noida discussed the Technical Sessions explain the concepts of Virus, Worms, Trojans, Spyware, Online frauds. Social Engineering Methods and Strong Password concepts.

The training was given in one single session of 1.5 hours for the B.Tech. students from 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m.

The feedback given by the students for the workshop was Very Good. Students were very much excited with the contents discussed in the workshop. They were interacting with the faculty members and discussing their experiences.

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Venue :
Address Plot No 63Site-4Sahibabad Industrial AreaSurya Nagar Flyover RoadSahibabad Gaziabad Uttar Pradesh 201004Phone 099014 49090

Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Neha Bajpai
Email :

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Piyush Sharma Male IPEC
2 Praveen Mishra Male IPEC
3 Arpan Goel Male Inderprastha Engineering College
4 Ashish Kumar Male IPEC
5 Aditya Gupta Male IPEC
6 Prashant Singh Male IPEC
7 Ayush Sharma Male IPEC
8 Sukhjinder Male IPEC
9 Shivcharan Male IPEC
10 Vaibhav Male IPEC
11 Shubham Pathak Male IPEC
12 Lakshya Kumar Male IPEC
13 Abhishek Kumar Male IPEC
14 Alok Kumar Male IPEC
15 Akash Rajariya Male IPEC
16 Abhishek Patel Male IPEC
17 Meraj Shakh Male IPEC
18 Aditya Kr. Singh Male IPEC
19 Ajay Kr. Shah Male IPEC
20 Abhishek Singh Male IPEC
21 Abhinav Bharvwy Male IPEC
22 Anmol Bisth Male IPEC
23 Arun Kr. Bhardwaj Male IPEC
24 Karan Sachdeva Male IPEC
25 Mohit Kumar Male IPEC
26 Mohit Panwar Male IPEC
27 Jatin Gupta Male IPEC
28 Himonshu Choudhary Male IPEC
29 Chitraksh Varshing Male IPEC
30 Arushi Jain Female IPEC
31 Aastha Bragat Female IPEC
32 Aarushi Gupta Female IPEC
33 Ruchi Jain Female IPEC
34 Pcuti Verma Female IPEC
35 Sourabh Tanwar Male IPEC
36 Varun Sharma Male IPEC
37 Vipin Singh Bora Not Uploaded Inderprastha Engineering College
38 Shivanagi Chotuwal Female IPEC
39 Shivanu Rungta Male IPEC
40 Ujjwal Tiwari Not Uploaded Inderprastha Engineering College
41 Utkarsv Sharma Male IPEC
42 Yashsrivastava Male IPEC
43 Rislika Sinha Female IPEC
44 Kritika Gupta Female IPEC
45 Rupali Gupta Female IPEC
46 Rishu Dubey Female IPEC
47 Prachi Gupta Female Inderprastha Engineering College
48 Himanshi Dangwai Female IPEC
49 Keitika Yadav Female IPEC
50 Divya Choudhary Female IPEC
51 Mansi Female IPEC
52 Hema Pandey Female IPEC
53 Deepika Singh Female IPEC
54 Neelesh Maitreya Not Uploaded Inderprastha Engineering College
55 Mayank Male IPEC
56 Chanchal Kumar Male IPEC
57 Deepak Tyagi Male IPEC
58 Nitish Ratore Male IPEC
59 Jatin Garg Male IPEC
60 Abhishek Jain Male IPEC
61 Abhisek Dubey Male IPEC
62 Divyanshi Gupta Female IPEC
63 Aditi Jain Female IPEC
64 Rishabh Kohli Male IPEC
65 Cheshta Dhamya Female IPEC
66 Akash Chauhan Male IPEC
67 Prayag Male IPEC
68 Geetika Singh Female IPEC
69 Mukund Verma Male IPEC
70 Jatin Soni Male IPEC
71 Manav Gupta Male IPEC
72 Chrtan Bhati Male IPEC
73 Mansi Chouhan Female IPEC
74 Divya Srivastava Female IPEC
75 Geetanjali Bhardwaj Female IPEC
76 Manish Shrama Male IPEC
77 Amulya Rana Male IPEC
78 Abhishek Bajpai Male IPEC
79 Aman Bharduaj Male IPEC
80 Pranag Rajput Male IPEC
81 Saurabh Kapoor Male IPEC
82 Nikhil Awashti Male IPEC
83 Naman Malik Male IPEC
84 Akash Sharma Male IPEC
85 Abhilesh Yadav Male IPEC
86 Nitin Shakya Male IPEC
87 Prashant Arora Male IPEC
88 Akanksha Upadhyaes Female IPEC
89 Rashi Jain Not Uploaded Inderprastha Engineering College
90 Prateek Ahuja Male Inderprastha Engineering College
91 Rohan Goel Male IPEC
92 Sonakshi Malhotra Not Uploaded Inderprastha Engineering College
93 Tushar Male IPEC
94 Abhishek Rai Male IPEC
95 Mayak Kr. Male IPEC
96 Vipin Singh Male IPEC
97 Harshit Agarwal Male IPEC
98 Jai Jaiwani Male IPEC
99 Abhay Jain Male IPEC
100 Ayush Gupta Male IPEC
101 Himani Paul Female IPEC
102 Mayank Tiwari Male IPEC
103 Puneet Pal Male IPEC
104 Rhytham Rothore Male IPEC
105 Foozam Akim Male IPEC
106 Ankita Rawat Female IPEC
107 Ayushi Srivastava Female IPEC
108 Osama Khan Male IPEC
109 Dhuruv Mittal Male IPEC
110 Apoorv Jain Male IPEC
111 Puneet Shukla Male IPEC
112 Kriti Bhatia Female IPEC
113 Ankita Gupta Female IPEC
114 Kushegra Nigam Male IPEC
115 Nitin Jain Male IPEC
116 Gaurav Pandey Male IPEC
117 Abhinav Sahni Male IPEC
118 Sankalp Srivastava Male IPEC
119 Mohit Male IPEC
120 Meeral Verma Female IPEC
121 Diksha Joshi Female IPEC
122 Jaipratap Singh Male IPEC
123 Apooni Rastogi Female IPEC
124 Nitesh Sharma Male IPEC
125 Aakriti Chauhan Female IPEC
126 Hardik Sachdeva Male IPEC
127 Nidhi Rai Female Inderprastha Engineering College
128 Mohd. Amir Male IPEC
129 Amit Kumar Pal Male Inderprastha Engineering College
130 Arnab Ray Male IPEC
131 Avimesh Bank Male IPEC
132 Kshihj Saksena Male IPEC
133 Maniesh Yadav Male IPEC
134 Pankaj Male IPEC
135 Bwagatika Nayek Female IPEC
136 Abhishek Male IPEC
137 Aayush Gupta Male IPEC
138 Simran Female IPEC
139 Ayushi Agarwal Female IPEC
140 Akanshavashiht Female IPEC
141 Chirag Bisht Male IPEC
142 Vipin Male IPEC
143 Ujjwal Tiwari Male IPEC
144 Neelesh Male IPEC
145 Alouki Kumar Male IPEC
146 Faiyaz Ahmad Male IPEC
147 Faz Ahmad Male IPEC
148 Chirag Gupta Male IPEC
149 Ayush Mittal Male IPEC
150 Ankur Sharma Male IPEC
151 Kush Verma Male IPEC
152 Nishant Singh Male IPEC
153 Panth Male IPEC
154 Rupali Female IPEC
155 Shivani Female IPEC
156 Shaleni Jaiswal Female IPEC
157 Rahul Mishra Male IPEC
158 Pawan Kr. Singh Male IPEC
159 Pawan Kumar Male IPEC
160 Narendra Singh Male IPEC
161 Gurjas Singh Male IPEC
162 Sonakshi Malhotra Female IPEC
163 Shebhani Gupta Female IPEC
164 Chaitarya Yadav Male IPEC
165 Rajat Male IPEC
166 Rahul Kumar Singh Male IPEC
167 Rahul Ahuya Male IPEC
168 Prajal Gupta Male IPEC
169 Pratik Singh Male IPEC

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