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Cryptography has evolved as one of the frontier areas of research in the last couple of decades where researchers around the world are in process to harness the power of information security. In last twenty years or so this field has grown tremendously not only because of what we understand traditionally in the sense of advancement of cryptography but also because of its newly found meanings of physical restrictions that quantum mechanics provided us through years.

We are now standings at the roads of Cryptography and Quantum mechanics and trying to be a part of a process where it is revolutionizing the notion of information security.

The workshop MQIS 2016 aims to cover most of the areas in Modern and Quantum Information Security. We plan to have invited introductory lectures in the worksop that include theoretical aspects of current trends of modern and quantum cryptography. Invited talks will be delivered by the world class experts from India in the field. All the researchers interested in Information Security can participate. In addition to the invited talks we have oral and poster presentations by young researchers. Selection of the participants will be based on merit.


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Modern and Quantum Information Security-MQIS 2016
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IIIT Hyderabad
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Dr. Kishore Kothapalli
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