Information Security Awareness Workshop : CDAC B-30 Sector 62 Noida

Event Details

CDAC, Noida conducted an Awareness Workshop on Information Security for 81 students and 11 faculty members of CDAC Noida on April 26, 2016 under Information Security Education and Awareness Project Phase II. The objective of this training was to bring awareness about the importance and means of information security as well as empower them to safeguard the interest of the nation against cyber-crime. They were familiarised with various issues associated with communicating in a cyber society where everyone is connected to one another, which can be good for us as well as bad for us.
  The training program covered the concepts like Identity Theft, Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses,  Phishing, Tabnapping, Social Engineering, Password Security, Browser Security and Gmail Security.

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Venue :
CDAC B-30 Sector 62 Noida

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Pranshu Yadav Male
2 Harsimran Kaur Female
3 Oshee Surbhi Nandi Female
4 Apoorva Bhargava Female
5 Achintya Singhal Male CDAC-Noida
6 Aditya Kumar Male
7 Divya Rathi Male CDAC-Noida
8 Abhishek Male CDAC-Noida
9 Hardik Male CDAC-Noida
10 Vinay Male CDAC-Noida
11 Sudeep J. Male CDAC-Noida
12 Shahab Khan Male CDAC-Noida
13 Babita Mawal Female CDAC-Noida
14 Bhawna Female CDAC-Noida
15 Pooja Sonija Female CDAC-Noida
16 Gowri Sonija Female CDAC-Noida
17 Parul Rawal Female CDAC-Noida
18 Bishakha Female CDAC-Noida
19 Khushboo Female CDAC-Noida
20 Anju Female CDAC-Noida
21 Bhawna Sharma Female CDAC-Noida
22 Mansi Dwivedi Female CDAC-Noida
23 Kanika Grover Female CDAC-Noida
24 Amandeep Kaur Female CDAC-Noida
25 Deepti Bajaj Female CDAC-Noida
26 Manish Yadav Male
27 Akhil Kumar Male
28 Mohseen Ahmed Male
29 Mohd. Azham Male CDAC-Noida
30 Arman Ali Male CDAC-Noida
31 Abhinav Sood Male
32 Kshitij Sharma Male
33 Vishrut Sharma Male CDAC-Noida
34 Ankit Raj Male CDAC-Noida
35 Alka Female CDAC-Noida
36 Aanchal Female CDAC-Noida
37 Shruti Female CDAC-Noida
38 Babita Female CDAC-Noida
39 Monika Female CDAC-Noida
40 Anchit Male CDAC-Noida
41 Vivek Male CDAC-Noida
42 Anurag Patel Male CDAC-Noida
43 Shatrughna Male CDAC-Noida
44 Pratibha Shekhawat Female CDAC-Noida
45 Ragbirendra Upadhyay Male CDAC-Noida
46 Jimmy Bhatia Male CDAC-Noida
47 Gaurav Kumar Male CDAC-Noida
48 Pankaj Tyagi Male CDAC-Noida
49 Mukesh Negi Male CDAC-Noida
50 Ravinder Male CDAC-Noida
51 Saurav Male CDAC-Noida
52 Bhupinder Male CDAC-Noida
53 Tanisha Female CDAC-Noida
54 Anjali Female CDAC-Noida
55 Nisha Female CDAC-Noida
56 Aditi Female CDAC-Noida
57 Pooja Female CDAC-Noida
58 Rajrani Verma Female CDAC-Noida
59 Phalit Male CDAC-Noida
60 Divya Female CDAC-Noida
61 Raman Male CDAC-Noida
62 Sahil Male CDAC-Noida
63 Prachi Female CDAC-Noida
64 Deepak Rohal Male CDAC-Noida
65 Mohit Kumar Not Uploaded CDAC-Noida
66 Gagandeep Singh Male CDAC-Noida
67 Nisha Singh Female CDAC-Noida
68 Sanjay Male CDAC-Noida
69 Mohit Male CDAC-Noida
70 Hemant Male CDAC-Noida
71 Ankit Pal Male CDAC-Noida
72 Ravi Ahuja Male CDAC-Noida
73 Vivek Rajput Male CDAC-Noida
74 Rohit Gaur Male CDAC-Noida
75 Saurabh Gulati Male CDAC-Noida
76 Ashish Sharma Male CDAC-Noida
77 Ashish Tomer Male CDAC-Noida
78 Vinita Female CDAC-Noida
79 Ankita Jha Female CDAC-Noida
80 Swati Pandita Female CDAC-Noida
81 Garima Mittal Female CDAC-Noida
82 Diksha Nagpal Female CDAC-Noida
83 Tanuj Garg Male CDAC NOIDA
84 Ms. Shipra Female CDAC Noida
85 Manish Kumar Male CDAC-Noida
86 Vivek Arya Male CDAC Noida
87 Dr.Arti Noor Female CDAC Noida
88 Neha Bajpai Male CDAC Noida
89 Ms Priyanka Jain Female CDAC Noida
90 Ms. Rosy Verma Female CDAC Noida
91 Ms. Nidhi Jain Female CDAC Noida
92 Ms Rekha Saraswat Female CDAC Noida

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