FDP Programme : IIT Madras


Goal: To introduce the participants to secure system design

Aim: At the end of the sessions the participant will be able to understand various techniques that are used to design a secure system. The participant would be able to use open source tools for this purpose.

Prerequisite: Basic programming skill in C. User level knowledge of Linux / Unix.  The participant must have an understanding of Internet, Network protocols as well as standard cryptographic algorithms like RSA, DES, AES etc.  A minimal introduction to these will be given at the beginning of the course.

Tools: GCC, Tools used for secure coding, Security standards

Evaluation:  Class exercises at the end of the day; A final evaluation at the end of the course.

Reference:  [1] Relevant manuals of the tools discussed in the class.
                     [2] Relevant research papers published in various security conferences
                     [3] Writing Secure Code – Microsoft Press
                     [4] Any CISSP preparation handbook


Subject :
Architectural Aid to Information Security
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Venue :
IIT Madras
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