Information Security Awareness Workshop : Seminar Hall Training Placement Office Block AU College of Engg Andhra University Visakhapatnam

Event Details

The “Information Security and its Tools” workshop held in Andhra University was conducted by Prof. M. Shashi, Convener and Prof. Vallikumari Co-Convener and is sponsored by Information Security Education Awareness project – Phase II.
Prof.Ch.V.Ramachandra Murthy, Principal of the College of Engineering,Prof.P.V.G.D.Prasad Reddy, Head of the Department of Computer Science and Systems Engineering, inaugurated the workshop.
The inauguration was followed by lectures given by Prof.M.S.Prasad Babu on “Light Weight Cryptography-Transportation Problem” and Mr. V.S.Raju on “Web Security: Research Challenges and Open Issues”.
In the post lunch session participants were provided hands on exposure on “Network Security: Attacks and Tools” by Mr.S.Ratan Kumar, followed by talk on “Chaotic Cyrptography:Trends, Techniques and Open Challenges” by Mr.Ch.Seshadri Rao. Prof. Vallikumari, Co-convener of the program gave a talk on “Wireless Attacks-an overview”. The talk covered the topics wireless technologies, Wireless attacks, Investigating wireless attacks, Features of good forensic tools, Wireless forensics tools.
Graduate and Post graduate students of engineering, Research Scholars and participants from various colleges attended the workshop.

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End :
Venue :
Seminar Hall Training Placement Office Block AU College of Engg Andhra University Visakhapatnam

Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Prof M Shashi
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Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Songa Venkata Rao Male Pydah college of Engg
2 Chandan Kumar Behera Male ANDHRA UNIVERSITY
3 Dwarapu Suneetha Female GITAM UNIVERSITY
4 Sharada Narra Female ANITS
5 Dabbiru Madhavi Female Dr L Bullayya College
6 Dara Vikram Male Andhra University
7 Kanipakam Anuradha Female Dr L Bullayya College
8 Samer Hasan Male Andhra University
9 Anita Kumari Singh Female
10 Jonnalagadda Surya Kiran Male Andhra University College of Engineering (A)
11 Patchamatla Bala Manikanta Ravivarma Male Andhra University
12 Konathala.Sai Vishnu Vardhan Kumar Male Andhra University
13 Mounika Vanapalli Female Andhra University
14 Kokkiligadda Neelima Female Andhra University
15 Guvvu Pavani Latha Female Andhra University
16 Beesetty Grishma Poornima Himaketan Female Andhra University
17 Sirra Kanthi Kiran Male GVP College of Engg
18 Shaik Moinudddin Ahmed Male Andhra University college of engineering
19 Kalyan Chakravarthy Male Andhra University
20 Lateefa Shaik Female GVP College of Engineering
21 Dr K V Krishnamraju Male SRKR Engg College
22 Nagaraju Andavarapu Male Andhra University
23 Dharavathu Radha Female Andhra University
24 Jyothi Vadisala Female Andhra University
25 Cheepurupalli Raghuram Male Andhra University
26 G Sai Naresh Male Andhra University
28 Dr. K. V. Ramana Male Andhra University
29 Sheik Khadar Ahmad Manoj Male Andhra University
30 Dasari Naga Tej Male Andhra University
31 Hari Kishan Kondaveeti Male Andhra University
32 Pvn Rajeswari Female Andhra University
33 Dasari Ramya Female Andhra University
34 I V S Venugopal Male GVP College of Engg
35 Praveen Dasari Male GVP College of Engg
36 K Soma Sekhar Male GVP College of Engg
37 Solomon Demissie Seifu Male Andhra University
38 V.Lakshmi Female GVP College of Engg
39 K V S S Prakash Male GVP College of Engg
40 Juvva Aswani Female Andhra University
41 Manku Vahini Female Andhra University
42 Chilamkurthy Pavani Female Andhra University
43 Balla Vidya Sarika Female Andhra University
44 Kagithapu Navyajyothi Female Andhra University
45 Owk Mrudula Female
46 A.Mary Sowjanya Female Andhra University
47 Pothina Praveena Female Andhra University
48 Korada Veera Venkata Lakshmi Female JNTUK
49 M.Venkata Ramana Female Gitam University
50 Singothu Jhansi Rani Female Andhra University
51 P.Hima Keerthi Female Andhra University

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