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SW500 – PG Diploma in Information Security and Cloud Computing (24 Weeks)


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Business @ the speed of thought has moved from a buzzword to a business reality owing to the integration of business and technology. Digital infrastructures and information networks have become central to any business activity. The information residing on these computers, networks and in cloud are an essential asset and due care should be taken for its security. The impact of any loss of this asset or any downtime of the infrastructure is quite high with the proliferation of easy-to-use tools and open how-to-discussions, the number of people aiming to hack in to or bring down the network is high, both in this country and abroad. Hence, there is a need for heightened security measures to protect both infrastructure and data.

Course Objectives

The Course is a six months program aimed at molding candidates to Skilled System/Cloud Engineer with Information Security knowledge to maintain the Systems, Networks and cloud infrastructure in today’s scenario.

Course Outcome

This skill-oriented course provides candidates with information required for configure and administration of OS Server, Cloud Deployment & its Security and equip them with the skills required to protect & recover the computer systems & networks from various security threats in dedicated or cloud environment.

Course Structure

Sl. No Course Modules Weeks
1 System and Network Administration 6
2 Cloud Computing with Virtualization 6
3 Advanced Security Management (System, Network & Cloud) 6
4 Project 6

Course Contents

1. System & Network Administration (6 Weeks)

a. Network Protocol Analysis (1 Week)

i. Introduction to ISO & TCP/IP Stack

b. Network Management (1 Week)

i. Cabling
ii. Addressing
iii. Managing Basic Switches
iv. Managing Advanced Switches
v. Managing Basic Routers

c. Windows Server Administration (1 Week)

i. Installing Windows Server
ii. Setting Active Directory
iii. Managing Active Directory
iv. Managing User & Group
v. Active Directory Security & Policy
vi. Setting File, Web and DHCP Server

d. Linux Server Administration with Shell Scripting (3 Weeks)

i. Introduction to Linux Fundamentals & Commands
ii. Advanced Linux Commands
iii. Regular Expression with Text Processing
iv. Bash Scripting

2. Cloud Computing with Virtualization (6 Weeks)

a. Virtualization Basics (2 Weeks)

i. Introduction to Virtualization
ii. Virtualization Tools
iii. Xen Virtualization
iv. KVM Virtualization

b. Cloud Computing with SaaS & PaaS Deployment (2 Weeks)

i. Introduction to Cloud Computing
ii. Types of Cloud Services
iii. Introduction to SaaS Cloud
iv. SaaS Cloud Deployment with Open Source Tools
v. Introduction to PaaS Cloud
vi. PaaS Cloud Server Deployment with OpenShift

c. Advanced Cloud Infrastructure (2 Weeks)

i. Introduction to IaaS Cloud
ii. Types of Cloud Deployment with Xen/KVM
iii. Setting Private Cloud with Eucalyptus
iv. Setting Private Cloud with Citrix Xen
v. Public Cloud Deployment

3. Advanced Security Management (System, Network & Cloud) (6 Weeks)

a. Information Security Basics (1 Week)

i. Access Control
ii. Cryptography
iii. Cryptography Algorithm Analysis
iv. Network Security

b. Advanced Linux Server Configuration with Security (2 Weeks)

i. Configuring DNS Server
ii. Securing DNS
iii. Configuring Web Server with Virtual Hosting
iv. Securing Web Servers
v. Configuring MySQL Server with phpMyAdmin
vi. Configuring Authentication Server
vii. Configuring Mail Server
viii. Securing Mail Server
ix. Configuring File Servers (FTP/SAMBA/NFS)

c. Advanced Security Configuration (2 Weeks)

i. Proxy with Content Filtering
ii. Configuring Firewall
iii. Configuring Wireless with Security
iv. Configuring IDS/IPS
v. Honey Pot/Honey Net
vi. PKI Implementation

d. Security Monitoring & Auditing (1 Week)

i. System, Network & Cloud Monitoring with Nagios/Zabbix
ii. MS-Baseline Security Analyzer
iii. Nesses/OpenVAS Auditing
iv. Cloud Security Best Practices
v. Introduction to ISO 27001 ISMS Audit Standards


4. Project (6 Weeks)



During the 6 weeks project period students are required to Develop/Configure a Cloud/Security Server in any of the areas covered in the course, under the guidance of the faculty. Students can also take up relevant projects from the industry.

Course Fees

Course Fee is 60000 +Service Tax @actuals, Full Fee exempted for SC/ST students


ME/MTech, BE/BTech, MCA, MSc/BSc (IT/Computer Science/Electronics) or equivalent of any of these.

Important Dates

Activity Last Date
Last date to apply online/offline with Registration fee 29th February 2016
Date of Selection list publication 29th February 2016
Last date to pay the advance fee (Rs. 10,000/-) 04th March 2016
Counseling/Admission 09th March 2016
Last date to pay the first installment 09th March 2016
Commencement of classes 10th March 2016
Last date to pay the second installment 30th May 2016

Subject :
PG Diploma in Information Security and Cloud Computing
Start :
End :
Venue :
NIELIT Calicut

Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Munivel E
Email :

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Ankita Anil Verma Female
2 Shree Hari. A.B Male
3 Ashutosh Dhasmana Male
4 Ganeshan.M Male
5 Akhil Bharati Male
6 Vinoth.R Male
7 Aysha.K.H Female
8 Jithin Shaji Male
9 Vineeth.P.V Male
10 Badugu Vamsi Krishna Male
11 A.M.Midhun Male
12 Mohd Eqbal Male
13 Oddi Bharath Kumar Male
14 Abhishek Anand Male
15 Visanth.G.V Male
16 Rishabh Asthana Male
17 Dinto Davi.T Male
18 Gokul. E.K Male
19 Radhesh Kumar. C.H Male
20 Pratibha Deepti Female
21 Fariya Faizel Female

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