Short Term Course : NIELIT Agartala Centre, RK Nagar, Bodhjungnagar, West Tripura, Pin-799008

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This course aims at imparting expertise in Web application development using Web components of Java EE, such as servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP). In this course, learner will learn to create servlets, handle servlet life cycle events, perform inter-servlet communication, and implement advanced servlet techniques like threading and filtering. In addition, the learner will learn to build JSP applications, create custom tag libraries, and implement EL and JSTL. Further, learner will learn to secure Java EE Web applications using different authentication techniques.

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NIELIT Agartala Centre, RK Nagar, Bodhjungnagar, West Tripura, Pin-799008

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Binoy Das
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Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Inac18Itjp27001 Female Nilankana Roy
2 Inac18Itjp27002 Female Ruchismita Majumder
3 Inac18Itjp27003 Female Arundhati Adhikari
4 Inac18Itjp27004 Female Priya Rajbhar
5 Inac18Itjp27005 Male Deepjyoti Das
6 Inac18Itjp27006 Female Arnima Chatterjee
7 Inac18Itjp27007 Female Anibardita Lodh
8 Inac18Itjp27008 Female Moumita Debbarma
9 Inac18Itjp27009 Female Shreya Debbarma
10 Inac18Itjp27010 Female Kaberi Sangma
11 Inac18Itjp27011 Female Nancy Debbarma
12 Inac18Itjp27012 Female Debasmita Chakraborty
13 Inac18Itjp27013 Female Ankita Chakraborty
14 Inac18Itjp27014 Female Elina Debbarma
15 Inac18Itjp27015 Female Saheli Roy
16 Inac18Itjp27016 Female Anamika Debnath

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