One Year Diploma : NIELIT, Aurangabad, Dr B A M. University Campus, Aurangabad -431 004 ( Maharashtra)

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What is Internet of things (IOT)?
The basic concept of IoT is to make every object deeply and widely connected through internet, enabling information gathering from attached sensors and management of these objects via software.
With IoT, every object will become

  • Addressable
  • Accessible and
  • Actionable

  • In 1990s, one billion people were connected with the advent of internet.
  • Mobile connected another 2 billion.
  • IoT is expected to connect 50 billion by 2020 ranging from wearable to cars.
Why IOT (Opportunities & Application of IOT)?
The job scenario in IT-BPM industry is undergoing through a transformation due to the adoption of automation and emergence of newer technologies. Due to this new job roles requiring different skill sets are appearing and older jobs based on older skills sets are losing their relevance.
  • 60 percent of the new jobs that will emerge in the 21st century will require skills possessed by only 20 percent of the current workforce i.e a gap of 40% of new jobs will require newer skills.
  • 4.5 Million Jobs to be generated for IOT’s trained professionals in top companies in the coming years.
  • Maximum Top Global companies are adopting industry 4.0 ie. Factories are going smart.
  • Smart cities are coming up in India
  • Every objects surrounding us are becoming smart
One Year PG Diploma in Internet of Things
Objective of the Course:
The course is planned to cover topics that are designed to impart specific knowledge related with the domain of Internet of Things (IoT) so that a fresh graduate / diploma holder who is undergoing the program will get exposed to IoT architecture. The candidate will work on IoT hardware platforms used and associated software, building wireless sensor networks, accessing things through networks, gateways and interfacing with cloud. This will give a chance for the participant to prepare for jobs in leading companies/ industries/ research and development organizations that are dealing with IoT related projects.
Outcome of the Course (Skill Set acquired):
  1. Skills on specific hardware and software used in the development of IoT devices
  2. Working with Arduino, Raspberry Pi & Wireless Modules used in IoT devices
  3. Embedded Linux used for IoT development
  4. C and Python Programming
  5. PHP programming for web interfaces
  6. IoT Protocol, Networking and Data Transfer
  7. IoT networking like wireless sensor networks with Zigbee and WiFi
  8. About interfacing IoT with Cloud
  9. IoT Security & Platforms
Course Structure:
Sl No Modules No of Hours
01 Introduction to IoT& Microcontrollers 30/30
02 Embedded Linux & C 40/40
03 Python Programming 20/20
04 Arduino, Raspberry Pi & Wireless Modules 40/40
05 Interfacing Sensors & Actuators 30/30
06 Web interface with PHP& MySQL 50/50
07 IoT Protocols, Zigbee& WSN 40/40
08 IoT Data management & Mobile/ Cloud Interface 40/40
09 IoT Security& Platforms 40/40
10 Soft Skills and Personality Development 10/10
11 Project Work 320
Total Theory / Lecture Hours:                                                        340 Hrs
Total Practical/ Project / Tutorial Hours:                                       660 Hrs
Total Hours:                                                                                      1000 Hrs
https://ssli.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTAyNFgxMDI0/z/kx8AAOSw5cNYPYh3/$_12.JPG?set_id=880000500FXBEE S2 C Module | DigiSyma X5SW Explorers2 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Headless Quadcopter with Wifi Camera (FPV) Drone - BlackEthernet W5100 Shield Network Expansion Board w/ Micro SD Card Slot for Arduino
List of Equipment and Material
Sr. No. Name of the Equipment/ Item
1. NI Elvis Boards
2. Microcontroller Prototype Board
4 NI myRIO
5 Zig Bee Learning Pack
7 Raspberry Pi Learning Pack
8 Aurdino Learning Pack
9 No of Sensor modules for GSM, GPS, position, tension, load etc.
10 Keil MDK-PLUS-ED10, software: MDK-ARM microcontroller development kit - Plus edition, 10 user classroom license
11 Keil MCB2470-ED, Single Board Computer/Evaluation Board for NXP LPC247x series + Jlink
12 Keil MCBSTM32-UME-ED, Sarter kit for STM STM32x series
13 Wireless networking shields (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LORA etc) and boards.
20 Xiaomi Mi Drone WIFI FPV With 4K 30fps & 1080P Camera 3-Axis Gimbal RC Drone Quadcopter


Subject :
One year PG Diploma in Internet of Things
Start :
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NIELIT, Aurangabad, Dr B A M. University Campus, Aurangabad -431 004 ( Maharashtra)

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Thokchom Sunil Kumar Singh
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