Short Term Course : CDAC B-30 Sector 62 Noida

Event Details

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Noida had conducted One Week Short Term Course on "Cryptography and Information Security" for 140 Students of JSS Technical University Noida from September 18 - 22, 2017 at CDAC Auditorium, Noida. Few of the topics discussed with the participants in One week Course were as follows - Computer  Security  Concepts,  The  OSI  Security  Architecture,  Security  Attacks,  Security  Services,  Security Mechanisms,  Principles  of  Security, Cryptography-  Symmetric  Encryption,  Message  Confidentiality,  Message Authentication, and cryptographic protocols – Key Distribution, User Authentication Mechanisms, Introduction to Network Access Control and Cloud Security- Network Access Controls, Introduction to protocols like SSL, TSL, SSH, IPSEC, Network attacks like denial-of-service (DoS), Distributed Denial Service of Attacks (DDoS) attacks and their defenses; Characteristics of Firewalls, IDS, IPS, Intrusion detection; Techniques to provide privacy in Internet applications; and protecting digital content (music, video, software) from unintended use, Malicious Software: Introduction, Types of Malicious Software, propagation of viruses, worms, SPAM, Trojans, System Corruption, Payloads, exploits, Introduction  to  Operating  system  security:  Underlying  Principles  of  Security  Architecture; Physical Security;  File Systems Security; Authentication, Authorization and Accountancy. The participants have enjoyed the sessions and enthusiastically asked many queries related to the topics.

Subject :
One Week Training on Cryptography and Information Security
Start :
End :
Venue :
CDAC B-30 Sector 62 Noida

Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Neha Bajpai
Email :

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Ishneet Kaur Female
2 Kul Garima Female
3 Gaurav Dubey Male
4 Kajal Singh Female
5 Nainika Singh Female
6 Akshat Trivedi Male
7 Renu Rai Female
8 Sumanyu Singh Male
9 Shivam Tyagi Male
10 Aanchal Jain Female
11 Bhavesh Mishra Male
12 Ishu Jain Female
13 Mohd Alam Male
14 Prateek Kumar Male
15 Raghav Mehandiratta Male
16 Raj Gubrele Male
17 Tanishq Male
18 Vikash Verma Male
19 Anmol Pathak Male
20 Kartik Kumar Male
21 Mohd Jazib Male
22 Abhay Kumar Singh Male
23 Ajeet Kumar Male
24 Nandini Bansal Female
25 Anushka Omar Female
26 Aprajita Female
27 Harsh Preet Singh Male
28 Aayush Rastogi Male
29 Apaar Maheshwari Male
30 Anant Jain Male
31 Shraiya Gupta Female
32 Kamini Female
33 Archana Female
34 Achintya Asthana Male
35 Diksha Chhabra Female
36 Anushka Tayal Female
37 Satyam Pandey Male
38 Shashank Jain Male
39 Vakshar Jain Male
40 Shubham Aggarwal Male
41 Rohit Negi Male
42 Ritesh Mishra Male
43 Shivam Mishra Male
44 Prajjuwal Male
45 Pragya Female
46 Sakshi Gupta Female
47 Sakshi Gautam Female
48 Adhar Gupta Male
49 Arushi Gupta Female
50 Aditya Agarwal Male
51 Anurag Pandey Male
52 Atin Singhal Male
53 Divay Sharma Male
54 Praful Goyal Male
55 Rajiv Kumar Male
56 Prarit Verma Male
57 Mitansha Aggarwal Male
58 Tarun Garg Male
59 Milendra Kumar Verma Male
60 Prakhar Srivastava Male
61 Dr. Meena Arora Female
62 Mr. Yatheesh K.C. Male
63 Mr. Ajith Kumar N Male
64 Pranjal Sharma Male
65 Ayush Goyal Male
66 Anurag Yadav Male
67 Devanshu Saxena Male
68 Pragati Upadhyay Female
69 Ayushi Raj Female
70 Kashika Malhotra Female
71 Shreyonshi Female
72 Shivangi Female
73 Sneha Singh Female
74 Shivam Yadav Male
75 Saurabh Yadav Male
76 Shivam Sharma Male
77 Brijesh Chandra Male
78 Shivam Gupta Male
79 Rishabh Avasthi Male
80 Aditya Singh Male
81 Sagar Verma Male
82 Prapti Female
83 Ocean Female
84 Abhishek Kumar Male
85 Abhishek Srivastava Male
86 Aditya Talwar Male
87 Akash Ponia Male
88 Arpit Shukla Male
89 Disha Tripathi Female
90 Kartik Chauhan Male
91 Kulbeer Kaur Male
92 Mini Nayal Female
93 Prakhar Srivastava Male
94 Pranshu Dixit Male
95 Sanya Bansal Female
96 Shobhit Saxena Male
97 Shubham Gupta Male
98 Sukirti Mishra Female
99 Shivam Singh Male
100 Sagor Chakraborty Male
101 Piyush Anand Verma Male
102 Prateek Upadhyay Male
103 Hemant Makhija Male
104 Geetanshu Chouhan Male
105 Mayank Mohan Male
106 Rohit Gupta Male
107 Avantika Bhatt Female
108 Ashish Shukla Male
109 Krishnakant Male
110 Sakshi Gangwar Female
111 Vaibhav Shukla Male
112 Soni Singh Female
113 Anjaneya Tripathi Female
114 Naman Kumar Verma Male
115 Preeti Female
116 Pratiksha Female
117 Yogesh Kumar Male
118 Preeti Bharti Female
119 Ansheeta Singh Female
120 Sunny Gupta Male
121 Ayush Gupta Male
122 Abhishek Kumar Singh Male
123 Surbhi Singh Female
124 Harshal Male
125 Archit Dwedi Male
126 Utkarsh Gupta Male
127 Nitish Rajpal Male
128 Mr. Nirmal Kumar Agarwal Male
129 Mr. Prashant Kumar Male
130 Ms. Geeta. L.S Male

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