Short Term Course : Centre for Cyber Security and Data Analytics FF6 New Class Room Complex AU College of Engineering (A) Andhra University Visakhapatnam 530 003.

Event Details

Modern cyber security analysts apply analytics driven approach to identify complex threats like APT by processing large amount of information from different sources, including email and social activity, full-packet and Domain Name System captures, business process data, external threat feeds such as IBM X-Force, malware information, network flows and anomalies.

R is widely recognized as the world's most powerful data analytics software. As a Free and Open Source Software, R has been developed and maintained by a community of passionate enthusiasts, who have been developing modules for extending the capabilities of the base R package. R employs sophisticated modeling techniques such as linear and nonlinear modeling, classical statistical tests, time-series analysis, classification, clustering, and graphical techniques, and is highly extensible.

This workshop aims at meeting a growing need in Data Analytics among the faculty and Researchers The two week training program will expose the participants to a comprehensive overview of R in Data Mining, Analytics, visualization and a hands-on experience in applying them to data in support of cyber security with specific focus on intrusion detection data. The participants will learn how to prepare data for analysis, compute various statistical measures, create reusable R functions, create meaningful data visualizations, classify malicious data packets from the normal packets etc, create models for screening packets at the firewall, and more! 

Subject :
Data Analytics for Cyber Security
Start :
End :
Venue :
Centre for Cyber Security and Data Analytics FF6 New Class Room Complex AU College of Engineering (A) Andhra University Visakhapatnam 530 003.

Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Prof. M. Shashi
Email :

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Anita Kumari Singh Female
2 Owk Mrudula Female
3 G.Kumari Female
4 Sahukara Srilatha Female
5 Gummadi Divya Female
6 Yadala Pravin Kumar Male
7 Vvs Vineela Female
8 Sravanthi Marpu Female
9 Sailaja Yadlapalli Female AUCE
10 Tanneru Sri Mallika Female ANDHRA UNIVERSITY
11 Bandlamudi Mounika Chowdary Female ANDHRA UNIVERSITY
12 Nambaru Taraka Prabhu Male
13 Srinivasulu Gunji Male
14 Yasaswi Anaparthi Female
15 Nambaru Taraka Prabhu Male
16 Nerella Sameera Female
17 U Arpita Female
18 Chamarty Anusha Female
19 Veerakumari Mamidi Female
20 M Sneha Deepika Female
21 Dola Anitha Female
22 Arikathota Sadhana Patnaik Female
23 Koruprolu Sai Bindu Female
24 Bakuru Thilak Kumar Raju Male
25 Pilli Radhika Female
26 Tangula Padma Female
27 Battula Ashok Kumar Male
28 Jaya Bhargavi Maidhi Female
29 Karamchetty Sindhura Female
30 Jandavath.Pavani Bai Female Andhrauniversity
31 G.Sharmila Sujatha Female
32 Neerumalla Venkata Saikiran Male
33 Sarampati Vittal Priyatham Male
34 Baby Venkatakumari Pilla Female
35 Mukkala.Narendra Reddy Male Au college of engineering
36 Ramesh Adusumilli Male Andhrauniversity
37 Teku Saraswathi Female
38 Polipalli Gopi Male Andhra University
39 Mannem Lavanya Female
40 Bajibaba Shaik Male Auce
41 K.Trupti Sagar Female Andhra University
42 G.Srinivasa Rao Male Andhra University
43 Gatti Venkata Kiranmayi Female
44 Khiroonisa Begum Female
45 Kalidindi Satya Chaitanya Male
46 Apeksha Damarouth Female
47 G Bala Seshu Kumar Male Andhra University
48 Kondru Ravi Male
49 Satyam Paudel Male AU College of Engineering
50 Prabesh Acharya Male College of Engineering, AU
51 Adapa Rajsekhar Male Andhra University
52 Divya Chunduri Female AUCE(A)
53 Rashmi Priyanka Saradhi Venkata Sai Female Andhra university
54 Konathala Teja Male Andhra university college of engineering
55 Kaushik Raghupathruni Male
56 S Rajesh Kumar Male
57 Sidhartha Daggubati Male Andhra University college of engineering
58 Khan Khaleelullah Khan Male Andhra University college of engineering
59 Anil Chandra Damodara Male Andhra University college of engineering
60 Boddepalli Navya Sri Female
61 Chundury Sindhura Female
62 Vadrevu Hema Priya Female
63 Mummidi V V S Naga Bhanu Murthy Male Andhra University college of engineering
64 Chandan Kumar Behera Male ANDHRA UNIVERSITY
65 Marlapudi Lavanya Pushpa Female AU college of engineering
67 M. Kranthi Kumar Male ANDHRA UNIVERSITY
68 S.Ravi Kumar Raju Male Andhra University College of Engg.
70 Simhadri Lokesh Male ANDHRA UNIVERSITY
71 Dhone Dinesh Male ANDHRA UNIVERSITY
72 Bandi Phanindra Kumar Male ANDHRA UNIVERSITY
73 Kotikala Narayana Rao Male AU college of engineering
74 Arshiya Julma Female AUCE
75 Mamidala Naveen Kumar Male TKRCET
76 Gorusetty Revathi Female Samata college
77 Venkata Rohit Gandikota Male Andhra University College of Engineering
78 Lankalapalli Devi Chandana Female Andhra university
79 B. Sri Harsha Vardhini Female Andhra university
80 M.Santhi Sri Female Andhra University
81 Priyanka Katuri Female andhra University college of engineering
82 Y Krishna Priya Female Andhra university

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