Six Month Diploma : CDAC Electronic City Bangalore

Event Details

The Post Graduate Diploma in IT Infrastructure, Systems and Security (PG DITISS) is a  full time programme targeted towards grooming students in the arena of human-computer interaction and Information System and Cyber Security. The objective of this course is to enable the student to understand the concepts of network security and learn the techniques of detecting the attacks and securing a network from internal and outside attacks. The course covers topics on OS security, OS hardening, Network monitoring and management. At the end of the course, the student will be able to understand a variety of generic security threats and vulnerabilities, understand the principles and practices of cryptographic techniques, identify and analyze particular security problems for a given application and apply appropriate security techniques to solve security problems.

Subject :
Six Months PG - DITISS
Start :
End :
Venue :
CDAC Electronic City Bangalore

Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Dr. Mohammad Misbahuddin
Email :

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Abhijit Dilip Dange Male
2 Abhilash Kumar Male
3 Abhinay Gummula Male
4 Akanksha Gupta Female
5 Akash Deep Gupta Male
6 Amar Singh Male
7 Amreet Manoj Visal Male
8 Anirudh G Male
9 Ankit Gulati Male
10 Ankita Female
11 Anupam Jha Female
12 Anupam Vishwakarma Male
13 Aparajita Female
14 Arti Devi Soni Female
15 Bhagyesh Vinod Dhere Male
16 Biswal Parthsarthi Male
17 Gopi M Male
18 Janet Dhillon Female
19 Kritika Bibhu Female
20 Kumari Anshumala Not Uploaded
21 Kunal Pachauri Male
22 Manju Shahu Female
23 Megha Sharma Female
24 Melwyn Michael Noronha Not Uploaded
25 Mohd Tahseen Khan Male
26 Neha Singh Female
27 Nilesh Kumar Yadav Male
28 Prabhat Kumar Gupta Male
29 Prabhat Kumar Sahu Male
30 Prakhar Agarwal Male
31 Pranjal Srivastava Male
32 Priyanka Shriram Samak Female
33 Ratakonda Priyanka Female
34 Rishabh Tamrakar Male
35 Rishi Kumar Male
36 Sakshi Tiwari Female
37 Shejule Manisha Angadrao Female
38 Shivam Kumar Singh Male
39 Shivansh Saraswat Male
40 Shruti Female
41 Shyamsundar Das Male
42 Subhabrata Bose Male
43 Suraj Sharma Male
44 Tanuj Kumar Bajaj Male
45 Vaibhav Vishal Singh Male
46 Varudkar Kunal Sunil Male

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