Information Security Awareness Workshop : Dr. NGP Arts & Science College at CDAC Electronic City Bangalore

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Premalatha.A Dr.N.G.P.ASC
2 Sivaranjani.R Dr.N.G.P.ASC
3 Nandhini.S Dr.N.G.P.ASC
4 Priyadharshini.S Dr.N.G.P.ASC
5 Srija.S Dr.N.G.P.ASC
6 Anusha.H Dr.N.G.P.ASC
7 Anitha.S Dr.N.G.P.ASC
8 Keerthana.M Dr.N.G.P.ASC
9 Ramya.P Dr.N.G.P.ASC
10 Yogamaheswaran.M Dr.N.G.P.ASC
11 Karthik.R Dr.N.G.P.ASC
12 Karthikeyan.K Dr.N.G.P.ASC
13 Karthikeyan.S Dr.N.G.P.ASC
14 Nishanth.M Dr.N.G.P.ASC
15 Deepak Kumar.S Dr.N.G.P.ASC
16 Aravindhan.R.B Dr.N.G.P.ASC
17 Vinothkumar.A Dr.N.G.P.ASC
18 Karthik.M Dr.N.G.P.ASC
19 Murugan.R Dr.N.G.P.ASC
20 Sathiskumar.C Dr.N.G.P.ASC
21 Tamil Selvan.N Dr.N.G.P.ASC
22 Vignesh.V Dr.N.G.P.ASC
23 K.Poovarasan Dr.N.G.P.ASC
24 N.Nandhakumar Dr.N.G.P.ASC
25 S.Pavankalyan Dr.N.G.P.ASC
26 Aaroon Raj.S Dr.N.G.P.ASC
27 Gayathiri.J Dr.N.G.P.ASC
28 Harini.M Dr.N.G.P.ASC
29 Haripriya.R Dr.N.G.P.ASC
30 Jayasurya.A Dr.N.G.P.ASC
31 Kowshik Premkumar.M Dr.N.G.P.ASC
32 Krishnapriya.T Dr.N.G.P.ASC
33 Mahalakshmi.P Dr.N.G.P.ASC
34 Meenakshi.S Dr.N.G.P.ASC
35 Nithish.R Dr.N.G.P.ASC
36 Nivedhitha.M Dr.N.G.P.ASC
37 Praveen Kumar.M Dr.N.G.P.ASC
38 Ramya.J Dr.N.G.P.ASC
39 Satheesh Kumar.S Dr.N.G.P.ASC
40 Savitha.K Dr.N.G.P.ASC
41 Selvarani.M Dr.N.G.P.ASC
42 Sharan.M Dr.N.G.P.ASC
43 Sowmiya Devi.T Dr.N.G.P.ASC
44 Sowndharaya.R Dr.N.G.P.ASC
45 Tharun.M.R Dr.N.G.P.ASC
46 Vishnu.N Dr.N.G.P.ASC
47 Ashwini.R Dr.N.G.P.ASC
48 Banupriya.S Dr.N.G.P.ASC
49 Chandru.S Dr.N.G.P.ASC
50 Dhineshkumar.K Dr.N.G.P.ASC
51 Dilip.A Dr.N.G.P.ASC
52 Kiruthika.M Dr.N.G.P.ASC
53 Malathi.R Dr.N.G.P.ASC
54 Pragadesh.S Dr.N.G.P.ASC
55 Ramya.R Dr.N.G.P.ASC
56 Ranjith Kumar.J.D Dr.N.G.P.ASC
57 Santhosh.K Dr.N.G.P.ASC
58 Shifani Maheshwari.B Dr.N.G.P.ASC
59 Vishnu.V Dr.N.G.P.ASC

Event Details

Information Security Education & Awareness workshop was conducted for Dr. NGP Arts & Science College Students. They were explained about Password hacks and why it is necessary to change the Password frequently. Then students were briefed about latest Malwares. Browser security was also explained. operating system security with updates and patches and anti-virus updates importance was explained in detail to students. They were very enthusiastic and asked few questions. Few doubts about credit cards debit cards were discussed and suggestions were given. Students expressed more interest towards cyber security and wanted more information about cyber threats. Information security education awareness workshop was taken by Ms Jaya Badgujar, Project Engineer, CDAC Bangalore.

Subject :
Information Security Awareness Workshop : Dr. NGP Arts & Science College at CDAC Electronic City Bangalore
Start :
End :
Venue :
Dr. NGP Arts & Science College at CDAC Electronic City Bangalore
Registration Status :

Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Dr. Mohammad Misbahuddin
Mobile :
Email :

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