Information Security Awareness Workshop : ONGC 5 Nelson Mandela Marg Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070

Event Details

CDAC Noida had conducted half day awareness workshop on Information / Cyber Security for the Government Officials of Oil and Natural gas Corporation Limited (ONGC), Delhi on December 15, 2017 at ONGC Office, 5, Nelson Mandela Marg, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.  Around 51 participants had attended the workshop and learnt the concepts on Cyber Risks, Threats, Vulnerabilities and Attacks. Participants  The speaker from CDAC Noida discussed the Concepts related to Tabnapping, Social Engineering, Password Attacks, Keyloggers and how to keep themselves Safe. Participants enjoyed the Session and were curious to discuss many of the problems they faced related to Cyber Crime. ONGC was celebrating Cyber Awareness Week, hence they also invited DIG, CBI to discuss few Cyber Crime related Cases. On the same day, ONGC released a special issue of Information Security e-Newsletter and Mouse Pad with Dos and Don'ts on Cyber Security written on it. 

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End :
Venue :
ONGC 5 Nelson Mandela Marg Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070

Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Neha Bajpai
Email :

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 M.D. Jha Male ONGC
2 B.K. Choudhary Male ONGC
3 S.K. Karanwal Male ONGC
4 Shakul Ahmed Male ONGC
5 Dr. C. Laxma Reddy Male ONGC
6 Rahul Verma Male ONGC
7 Roopesh Kumar Male ONGC
8 Laxman Singh Male ONGC
9 Anjali Bala Female ONGC
10 Gyanender Singh Male ONGC
11 Parmanand Male ONGC
12 Sarabjeet Singh Male ONGC
13 D. Mookharjee Male ONGC
14 Amit Srivastava Male ONGC
15 Vivek Mehritra Male ONGC
16 Mc Khandelwal Male ONGC
17 Atul Garg Male ONGC
18 S.K. Piploda Male ONGC
19 P S Sehmi Male ONGC
20 Arshad Hussan Male ONGC
21 Abha Kumari Female ONGC
22 Vinita Kaul Female INFOCOM
23 D P Singh Male ONGC
24 Mk Saxena Male ONGC
25 Sanjay Sharma Male ONGC
26 Y J Reddy Male ONGC
27 M. Pozaiah Male ONGC
28 Rc Verma Male ONGC
29 A.Mital Male ONGC
30 H.Madhavan Male ONGC
31 R.S. Rawat Male ONGC
32 Rajeev Kumar Male ONGC
33 Pradeep Kumar Male ONGC
34 J.Karmakar Male ONGC
35 M.K. Bradman Male ONGC
36 Pranjal Srivastava Male ONGC
37 Aditya Vallatha Singh Male ONGC
38 Abhinav Awasthi Male ONGC
39 Anil Kumar Male Delhi
40 M K Gupta Male ONGC
41 Ashok Khalkho Male ONGC
42 Gopal Krishna Male ONGC
43 Amit Kaumar Paliwal Male ONGC
44 Soumitra Das Male Delhi
45 P K Singh Male ONGC
46 Kana Barua Female ONGC
47 Neeraj Sharma Male ONGC
48 Rahul Yadav Male ONGC
49 A. Swaminathan Male ONGC
50 D.C. Srivastava Male ONGC
51 A.S. Rao Male ONGC

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