Short Term Course : BSB 361 Dept of CSE IIT Madras


Introduction to data analytics.
Traditional MIS,
Impact of visualization,
Effective user interaction with system.
Need for analytics in BFSI sector.
Lot of moving parts,
pressure to perform,
cost of new customer acquistion,
abundance of data,
geographic distribution,
local effects on business.
Data volume and growth
Real time branch data,
mobile data,
online banking data,
historic data,
feeds from other systems.
Banking data warehouse DB model.
Batch process, Mobile, Online,
3rd parties like PayTM, Debit cards,
Data relationships, common connectors across data.
FinAL architecture & data flow.
Functional blocks,
Technical stack,
use of each technology product,
data source and target,
How it is deployed
Data extraction from OLTP source.
Source OLTP db,
csv extracts,
frequency of data extraction,
configuring adaptors.
Adaptors to ingest data to FinAL.
GO adaptors,
field mappings from source to target,
run frequency of adaptors,
duplications and rerun effects,
initial and incremental extracts
Simple analytics samples.
Show a set of visuals,
Demo the effect of visuals for various user roles
Visualization basics
Different chart types,
Configuring views to map to base data,
Admin and user roles of visualization engine
Security/user control in visualization
Define visualization privileges,
Map views and data fields for users,
Verify the information hiding features
Advanced analytics - dashboards
Configure multiple charts,
Design dashboards,
Access to dashboards to users,
Change in one chart and effect on the whole dashboard
Advanced analytics - drill downs
Summary charts,
level 1 detail drill down,
level n detail drill down,
restrictions in drill downs, grid details
Basics of ML/AI
What cannot be done using regular analytics,
Need for ML and AI,
Benefits of ML,
Tools for ML and AI
Data samples for ML
Time series data samples,
Geo based data samples,
Categorized/tagged data samples
Running predictive regression algorithms
Linear regression,
Running neural packages
Pre-process data,


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FinAL - Workshop on Financial Analytics
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BSB 361 Dept of CSE IIT Madras
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V. Kamakoti
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