Information Security Awareness Workshop : Kendriya vidhyalaya Kamptee S N Lines Kamptee.

Event Details

Information Security Awareness workshop was conducted for students from KV Kamptee, on November 30th, 2017 at Kendriya Vidhyalaya Kamptee, S N Iinos, Kmaptee. The number of participants were 36 Academic users. The Topics covered in the workshop are 1. Introduction to Internet, 2. Cyber Ethics, 3.Online Threats, 4.Social Engineering, 5.Risk with Social Networking, 6.Browser Security, 7.Mobile security, 8.WiFi Security, 9.Tracing of Email. “How to trace the emails “ and “Checking the Header information of E-Mail” , Recent cyber threat “Ransomware attack ” WannaCry/WannaCry ransomware and best practices to protect from malware was demonstrated. The session was planned and delivered as per the current requirements and issues / threats in the Internet world. Mr. Shiksha Shambharkar has coordinated the session.

Start :
End :
Venue :
Kendriya vidhyalaya Kamptee S N Lines Kamptee.

Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
shika Shambharkar
Email :

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Nutan R Ohanvij Male KV KAMPTEE
2 Aparna Na Kotangale Female KV KAMPTEE
3 Akanchha Gupta Female KV KAMPTEE
4 Pallavi B Manwatkar Female KV KAMPTEE
5 Sarika N Lohe Female KV KAMPTEE
6 Priti B Basode Female KV KAMPTEE
7 Rohini Yaze Female KV KAMPTEE
8 Anis Mathai Female KV KAMPTEE
9 Anita Agutale Female KV KAMPTEE
10 Shanpa Roy Female KV KAMPTEE
11 Priyanka Singh Female KV KAMPTEE
12 Manda Wahane Female KV KAMPTEE
13 Sangita P Athule Female KV KAMPTEE
14 Mamata Sasan Female KV KAMPTEE
15 Nanda Ingole Male KV KAMPTEE
16 Kulpara Deshparde Female KV KAMPTEE
17 Sumita Bhardog Female KV KAMPTEE
18 Michelle U Lyman Male KV KAMPTEE
19 Varsha S Gulhnae Female KV KAMPTEE
20 G L Ahirwar Male KV KAMPTEE
21 D S Nandeshwar Male KV KAMPTEE
22 P K Meshraus Male KV KAMPTEE
23 C R Ramteke Male KV KAMPTEE
24 Ja S Chouhan Male KV KAMPTEE
25 Shiya Kumar Praspatis Female KV KAMPTEE
26 Sssatpude Male KV KAMPTEE
27 Kundan R Khakse Male KV KAMPTEE
28 Sushama D Borkar Male KV KAMPTEE
29 Sarala G Pantwar Female KV KAMPTEE
30 Jyoti S Kunwar Female KV KAMPTEE
31 Anita Sharama Female KV KAMPTEE
32 Shilpa Meshram Female KV KAMPTEE
33 Gaima Singh Female KV KAMPTEE
34 Surya Kanta Trade Male KV KAMPTEE
35 K L Thawarani Female KV KAMPTEE
36 P S Kombade Male KV KAMPTEE

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