Short Term Course : NIELIT Calicut


  1. Introduction to Information Security
    1. Attributes of Information Security: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.
    2. Threats & Vulnerabilities: Unauthorized Access, Impersonation, Denial of Service
  1. Identification & Authentication
    1. Definitions, Types of authentication, Password Authentication,
    2. Password Vulnerabilities & Attacks: Brute Force & Dictionary Attacks.
    3. Single Sign-on – Kerberos
  1. Access Control
    1. Access Control Techniques: Mandatory Access Control, Discretionary Access Control, Access Control Lists, Role Based Access Control.
  1. Public Key Infrastructure & Message Authentication
    1. Public Key Cryptography Principles & Applications, Algorithms: RSA, One way Hash Functions, MD5.
  1. Firewalls & Intrusion Detection Systems   
    1. Types of Firewalls: Packet Filtering Router, Application Level Gateway or Proxy, Content Filters, Bastion Host.
    2. Intrusion Detection Systems: Components of an IDS, Placement of IDS Components.


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Training on Network and System Security
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NIELIT Calicut
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Training on Network and System Security
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