Information Security Awareness Workshop : CDAC HYDERABAD TELANGANA INDIA

Event Details

One day ISEA workshop on information security awareness was conducted by CDAC, Hyderabad for the General users of CDAC Hyderabad, Hardware Park, Srisilam Highway Hyderabad, Telangana, India On 20/09/2017. The topic was about Cyber Security. Kumar , Project Technical Officer, ISEA Department, CDAC Hyderabad handled the session on Cyber Security principles and the important of Cyber security. The topics covered are ATM Security, online security, Desktop security, mobile security etc… The event took place on 20/09/2017 CDAC Hyderabad, Hardware Park, Srisilam Highway Hyderabad, Telangana, India. General users as 19 members are participated in workshop. The event was part of the General users Development Programme conducted by Information Security Education & Awareness (ISEA) and well appreciated by the participants.

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Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 G. Bhaskar Male CDAC Hyderabad
2 R. Lalnunzira Female CDAC Hyderabad
3 Pavan Belakeri Male CDAC Hyderabad
4 Gurubasavaraj. S Male CDAC Hyderabad
5 U.Y. Patil Male CDAC Hyderabad
6 H.J Zindhal Male CDAC Hyderabad
7 Raja Rajtilak Dhevere Male CDAC Hyderabad
8 S. Mahoharan Male CDAC Hyderabad
9 Salin Thapasi Female CDAC Hyderabad
10 L. Sri Ramulu Male CDAC Hyderabad
11 N. Sujatha Female CDAC Hyderabad
12 A. Usha Rani Female CDAC Hyderabad
13 S. S. Dhuke Male CDAC Hyderabad
14 Bnejamin Lalduhawama Male CDAC Hyderabad
15 C L Pianga Male CDAC Hyderabad
16 P M Achrya Male CDAC Hyderabad
17 P M Shivankar Male CDAC Hyderabad
18 S S Kanwar Male CDAC Hyderabad
19 Vijeta Dwinedi Female CDAC Hyderabad

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