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OBJECTIVES OF THE COURSE: Cryptology is employed to communicate securely, authenticate messages and sign digitally. This QIP course “Introduction to Cryptology” is designed for both computer science and mathematics teachers interested in the basics of the subject. This course touches upon the most important ideas and techniques of the present day cryptology. An introduction to quantum computation and quantum cryptography is also included as a new element. All the pre-requisite topics are revised during the lectures making this course self-contained and accessible to a wider audience.

Day 1: Classical Cryptography: L1 : Introduction, Caesar cipher. L2 : Modular arithmetic. The shift Cipher. L3 : The affine cipher, The Vigenere cipher. L4 : Information Theory Introduction. L5 : Perfect secrecy, Entropy.

Day 2: Block Cipher: L6 : Introduction. L7 : Substitution Permutation Network. 30 min. L8 : S-box theory. L9 : Vector Boolean functions. L10: Linear and differential attack on block ciphers.

Day 3: Public Key Cryptography: L11: Introduction, Required number theory results. L12 :Extended Euclidean Algorithm. L13 : Description of RSA. L14: Chinese Remainder theorem and Quadratic Residues. L15: RSA key generation primality testing. Miller and Rabin algorithm.

Day 4 : Cryptographic Hash Functions: L16: What is a cryptographic hash function? The random oracle model. L17: Preimage resistance, second preimage resistance. L18 :Birthday paradox. L19 : Collision resistance. L20: Iterated hash functions, The Merkal Damgard construction.

Day 5: Quantum Cryptography: L21: Introduction toQuantum Computing 1. L22 : Introduction to Quantum Computing 2. L23 : Properties of Quantum Gates. L24 : Deutsch – Jozsa Algorithm. L25 : BB84 Quantum Key exchange protocol.


Dr. Sugata Gangopadhyay Associate Professor Deptt. of Computer Sc. & Engg. IIT Roorkee Tel.: 01332 – 285582 Email: sugatfma@iitr.ac.in

Dr. Aditi Gangopadhyay Associate Professor Deptt. of Mathematics IIT Roorkee Tel.: 01332 – 285829 Email: aditifma@iitr.ac.in


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IIT Roorkee
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