Information Security Awareness Workshop : IIITM-K IIITMK Building P.O. Karyavattom Kazhakoottam Technopark Campus Kazhakkoottam Kerala 695581

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Network forensics is a sub-branch of digital forensics relating to the monitoring and analysis of computer network traffic for the purposes of information gathering, legal evidence, or intrusion detection.Unlike other areas of digital forensics, network investigations deal with volatile and dynamic information. Network traffic is transmitted and then lost, so network forensics is often a pro-active investigation.
Network forensics generally has two uses. The first, relating to security, involves monitoring a network for anomalous traffic and identifying intrusions. An attacker might be able to erase all log files on a compromised host; network-based evidence might therefore be the only evidence available for forensic analysis.The second form relates to law enforcement. In this case analysis of captured network traffic can include tasks such as reassembling transferred files, searching for keywords and parsing human communication such as emails or chat sessions.
Two systems are commonly used to collect network data; a brute force "catch it as you can" and a more intelligent "stop look listen" method.
The workshop is intended to impart fundamental knowledge of Network Forensics to MSc Cyber Security students.

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IIITM-K IIITMK Building P.O. Karyavattom Kazhakoottam Technopark Campus Kazhakkoottam Kerala 695581

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Md. Meraj Uddin
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Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 James Joy Male IIITM-K
2 Ramakrishanan T Male IIITM-K
3 Gaurav Raj Male IIITM-K
4 Anusha Garg Female IIITM-K
5 Athira M O Female IIITM-K
6 Revathi A V Female IIITM-K
7 Alan Joy Male IIITM-K
8 Alex N D Male IIITM-K
9 Amrutha A V Female IIITM-K
10 Aneesh Nandakumar A Male IIITM-K
11 Arpitha Kr Female IIITM-K
12 Arun Raj Male IIITM-K
13 Athira Nair Female IIITM-K
14 Athul Ramesh K Male IIITM-K
15 Ayana A M Female IIITM-K
16 Chandra Bhushan Male IIITM-K
17 Dhanya P R Female IIITM-K
18 Md Konain Uddin Male IIITM-K
19 Mrudula Vipin Female IIITM-K
20 Pranav N V Male IIITM-K
21 Rahul Ramakrishanan Male IIITM-K
22 Sanjay K J Male IIITM-K
23 Sanjeevani Pandey Male IIITM-K
24 Sarang P K Male IIITM-K
25 Shagilton Anson Dcouth Male IIITM-K
26 Sumin E Male IIITM-K
27 Vignesh K Male IIITM-K

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