Short Term Course : International Institute of Information Technolgy

Event Details

Introduction to Information Security, Information Gathering, Google Hacking,Network Testing, Windows Hacking, Linux Hacking, Steganography,Virus, Trojans, Worms ,Password Sniffing, DDOS Attack, SocialEngineering, Buffer Overflow, IDS & IPS,Android Hacking,Cryptography
Why should you do the Course?
 As the world is getting information oriented, Security becomes an important concern.
 A course like this will help you in following ways:
 It will enrich your bio-data and will give a competitive edge in placement process.
 It will provide you with special skills to identify, analyse and combat IT Security threats
 For the entrepreneurial minded, it will provide opportunity to explore start-up ideas.
 As with any profession, passion for the profession is one of the key aspects to success. This combined with a good knowledge of networking and programming will enable a professional to toe in on the ethical hacking field.

Subject :
Network and System Security
Start :
End :
Venue :
International Institute of Information Technolgy

Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Dr.Debasish Jena
Email :

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Harshit Kataria Male
2 Prateek Brahma Male
3 Baivab Kumar Mishra Male
4 Shuvam Mohanty Male
5 Hardik Singh Male
6 Pragyan Mohanty Female
7 Swapnil Sourabh Male
8 Priya Mallick Female
9 Saurabh Kumar Kar Male
10 Debabrata Choudhury Male
11 Swabhiman Choudhury Male
12 Deepa Rani Singh Female
13 Shisa Chhotray Female
14 Govind Chandak Male
15 Rohit Arun Mundada Male
16 Subash Chandra Manohari Male
17 Puneet Srivastava Male
18 Manas Ranjan Mahapatra Male
19 Itishree Priyadarshini Female
20 Shiv Sundar Kar Male
21 Diwanshi Gupta Female
22 Abhipsha Das Female
23 Abhishek Sharma Male
24 Sumera Priyadarsini Female
25 Sarthak Pattanaik Male
26 Anshuman Behera Male
27 Ankita Bisoi Female
28 Janmejoy Sahoo Male
29 Veeramachaneni Mounya Female
30 Kumar Harshil Male
31 Prem Kumar Reddy Muvva Male
32 Vipul Vikram Male
33 Deepak Kumar Rastogi Male
34 Upasana Pattnaik Female
35 Ankur Aditya Male
36 Aditya Prakash Male
37 Shivank Pathak Male
38 Anirudh Kumar Maurya Male
39 Avijit Nanda Male
40 Amlan Sahoo Male
41 Bishal Subhadarshi Jena Male
42 Arijeet Satapathy Male
43 Mandeep Male
44 Soumya Ranjan Mohanty Male
45 Konchada Sai Kishan Male
46 Tanmaya Sahu Male
47 Bhanu Pratap Chauhan Male
48 Anisha Mohanty Female
49 Ajita Dash Female
50 Swati Swarupa Das Female
51 Namrata Dalai Female
52 Shrutirupa Mohanta Female
53 Ankit Choudhary Male
54 Aniket Awasthi Male
55 Abhisek Sahoo Male
56 Subhakanta Mishra Male
57 Piyush Shukla Male
58 Akansha Gupta Female
59 Ananya Apurva Female
60 Sankalp Rout Male
61 Priyansha Tripathy Female
62 Vidisha Vijaya Maharaha Female
63 Sandeep Siya Male
64 Pratik Kumar Parida Male
65 Alisha Poddar Female
66 Somya Das Female
67 Ayushee Dash Female
68 Amiya Kumar Tripathy Male
69 Sakshi Sharma Female
70 Mukesh Santuka Male
71 Sibansh Pal Male
72 Aayush Kumar Not Uploaded
73 Sheshant Sinha Male

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