Information Security Awareness Workshop : CDAC B-30 Sector 62 Noida

Event Details

CDAC, Noida conducted an Awareness Workshop on Information security organized by CSI Ghaziabad Chapter for 100 students of various colleges namely ITS Mohan nagar, ITSEC Greater Noida, KIET, IPEC, ABES, JSSATE Noida and ITS Greater Noida on August 22, 2017 under Information Security Education and Awareness Project Phase II. The objective of this training was to bring awareness about the importance and means of information security. They were familiarised with various issues related to software vulnerabilities related to programming and were given practical demonstrations as well.
  The training program covered the concepts like Buffer Overflow, Digital Marketing, Software Vulnerabilities and gave knowledge about Cyber Security and Forensics tool.

Start :
End :
Venue :
CDAC B-30 Sector 62 Noida

Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Neha Bajpai
Email :

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Anurag Kumar Male ITSECGr. NOIDA
2 Abhishek Saxena Male ITSECGr. NOIDA
3 Kavita Gautam Female ITSECGr. NOIDA
4 Gitanjali Tiwari Female ITSECGr. NOIDA
5 Ganesh Varshney Male ITSECGr. NOIDA
6 Anubhuti Raizada Female ITSECGr. NOIDA
7 Shyamli Arora Female ITSECGr. NOIDA
8 Shruti Goel Female ITSECGr. NOIDA
9 Radhika Sharma Female ITSECGr. NOIDA
10 Swati Sharma Female ITSECGr. NOIDA
11 Rahul Bansal Male ITSECGr. NOIDA
12 Prakhar Choubey Male ITSECGr. NOIDA
13 Jalaj Ghuge Male ITSECGr. NOIDA
14 Najmul Hasan Male ITSECGr. NOIDA
15 Pratishtha Singh Female ITSECGr. NOIDA
16 Shiwani Sharma Female ITSECGr. NOIDA
17 Anjali Female ITSECGr. NOIDA
18 Harperrt Kaur Female ITSECGr. NOIDA
19 Khuhsboo Gupta Female ITSECGr. NOIDA
20 Shivam Pratap Singh Male ITSECGr. NOIDA
21 Shivam Bajaj Male ITSECGr. NOIDA
22 Aarohi Agarwal Female KIET
23 Apoorva Gupta Female KIET
24 Gunjan Choudhary Female KIET
25 Harsh Garg Male KIET
26 Himanshi Singh Female KIET
27 Ishan Jaiswal Male KIET
28 Jhalak Goyal Female KIET
29 Riya Tyagi Female KIET
30 Konpal Gupta Female KIET
31 Kratika Saxena Female KIET
32 Ku. Ayushi Jain Female KIET
33 Mannan Mittal Male KIET
34 Milan Sharma Male KIET
35 Priya Baghel Female KIET
36 Prakhar Agrawal Male KIET
37 Radhika Mahajan Female KIET
38 Riya Khurana Female KIET
39 Riya Singh Jadaun Female KIET
40 Utkarsh Shukla Male KIET
41 Shivam Chaudhary Male KIET
42 Shruti Gupta Female KIET
43 Shubham Arora Male KIET
44 Sushmita Rai Female KIET
45 Suyash Yadav Male KIET
46 Tanya Gupta Female KIET
47 Trapti Singh Female KIET
48 Tushar Rajvanshi Male KIET
49 Ujjwal Gupta Male KIET
50 Yashvi Tyagi Female KIET
51 Tavishi Pandey Female IPEC
52 Amit Singh Male IPEC
53 Stuti Shrivastava Female IPEC
54 Rishabh Jain Male IPEC
55 Sarvesh Kumar Dixit Male IPEC
56 Saurav Kumar Male IPEC
57 Ashutosh Mishra Male ITS MOHAN NAGAR
58 Sachin Bedi Male ITS MOHAN NAGAR
59 Anshu Sharma Female ITS MOHAN NAGAR
60 Himanshu Kumar Singh Male ITS MOHAN NAGAR
61 Kaviraj Singh Male ITS MOHAN NAGAR
62 Rashmi Rawat Female ITS MOHAN NAGAR
63 Rupa Teotia Female ITS MOHAN NAGAR
64 Aviral Dixit Male JSSATE NOIDA
65 Aman Lalwani Male JSSATE NOIDA
66 Akarsh Neeraj Male JSSATE NOIDA
67 Ayush Agarwal Male JSSATE NOIDA
68 Ishneet Kaur Female
69 Kul Garima Female
70 Divya Rai Female JSSATE NOIDA
71 Rishabh Mittal Male JSSATE NOIDA
72 Himanshu Singh Male JSSATE NOIDA
73 Manjeet Singh Male JSSATE NOIDA
74 Vaibhav Sinha Male JSSATE NOIDA
75 Nishant Pratap Singh Male JSSATE NOIDA
76 Nikhil Singh Male JSSATE NOIDA
77 Nimisha Shukla Female JSSATE NOIDA
78 Tanvi Gupta Female JSSATE NOIDA
79 Priyanka Rajput Female JSSATE NOIDA
80 Nancy Poddar Female JSSATE NOIDA
81 Shivani Gupta Female JSSATE NOIDA
82 Avauya Gupta Female ABES-ECGZB.
83 Basant Ruhela Male ABES-ECGZB.
84 Anirudh Jain Male ABES-ECGZB.
85 Aditya Agar Male ABES-ECGZB.
86 Abhishek Bansal Male ABES-ECGZB.
87 Shikha Melkani Female ITSECGr. NOIDA
88 Aditya Syal Male ITSECGr. NOIDA
89 Rishabh Jain Male ITS-CSEG. NOIDA
90 Abhishek Ranu Male ITS-CSEG. NOIDA
91 Sankaip Suman Male ITS-ENGG. COLL.
92 Aditi Verma Female ITS-ENGG. COLL.
93 Vishal Mehra Male ITS-ENGG. COLL.
94 Anurag Shukla Male ABES ENGGGZB.
95 Pushp Aggarwal Male ABES ENGGGZB.
96 Sonu Saini Male ABES ENGGGZB.
97 Shivendra Singh Male ABES ENGGGZB.
98 Charchika Jaiswal Female BANASTHALI VIDYAPEETH
99 Deepali Shrivastava Female BANASTHALI VIDYAPEETH

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