Short Term Course : CDAC Mohali



1. Fundamentals of Python Programming

Setting up Your Development Environment, Installing Third Party Libraries, Interpreted Python Versus Interactive Python, The Python Language Basics

2. Fundamental of Network Programming in Python

Programming with Sockets, Basics of sockets, working with TCP sockets, TCP servers, Inspecting client/server interaction, working with UDP sockets, a non-blocking socket I/O, Securing sockets with TLS/SSL, Client and server, an echo protocol, a simple echo server, handling the received data, a simple echo client

3. Python essentials for Hackers
Building a Port Scanner, TCP Full Connect Scan, Application Banner Grabbing, Threading the Scan, Integrating the Nmap Port Scanner, Building an SSH Botnet with Python, Interacting with SSH Through Pexpect, Brute Forcing SSHPasswords with Pxssh, Exploiting SSH Through Weak Private Keys,Constructing the SSH Botnet

4.Network Traffic analysis using Python

Using PyGeoIP toCorrelate IP to Physical Locations, Using Dpkt to Parse Packets, Using Python to Build a Google Map, Is Anonymous Really Anonymous? Analyzing LOIC Traffic, Using Dpkt to Find the LOIC Download, Parsing IRC Commands to the Hive, Identifying the DDoS Attack in Progress, Using Scapy to Parse DNS, TCP Sequence Prediction

5. Python for Network Forensics

Analysis of Wireless Access Points in the Registry, Using WinReg to Read the Windows Registry,Using Mechanize to Submit the MAC Address to Wigle, UsingPython to Recover Deleted Items in the Recycle Bin, Using the OS Module to Find Deleted Items, Using PyPDF to Parse PDF Metadata,Understanding Exif Metadata, Downloading Images with BeautifulSoup, Investigating Application Artifacts with Python,Understanding the Skype Sqlite3 Database, Using Python and Sqlite3 to Automate Skype Database Queries

6. Python for Wireless Hacking

Setting up Your Wireless Attack Environment, Testing Wireless Capture with Scapy, Installing Python Bluetooth Packages, Passively Listening to Wireless Secrets, Python Regular Expressions to Sniff Credit Cards, Sniffing Hotel Guests, Building a Wireless Google Key Logger, Sniffing FTP Credentials, Sniffing 802.11 Probe Requests, Finding Hidden Network 802.11 Beacons, Intercepting the Traffic, Dissecting the Protocol, Crafting 802.11 Frames with Scapy, Detecting FireSheep, Understanding Wordpress Session Cookies, Herd the Sheep—Catching Wordpress Cookie Reuse, Stalking with Bluetooth and Python,Intercepting Wireless Traffic to Find Bluetooth Addresses

7. Social Engineering using Python

Using the Mechanize Library to Browse the Internet, Anonymity Adding Proxies, User Agents, Cookies, Finalizing Our AnonBrowser into a Python Class, Scraping Web Pages with AnonBrowser, Parsing HREF Links with Beautiful Soup, Mirroring Images with Beautiful Soup, Research, Investigate, Discovery, Interacting with the Google API in Python


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Training on Cyber Security with Python
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CDAC Mohali
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Mr.Navdeep Singh Chahal
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