Short Term Course : CDAC Kolkata

Event Details

5day Course Structure (WBSEDCL)
Day Session Schedule Session Topic

Day 1
11:00am-12:00pm Networking Basics
12:00am-1:00pm Operating system administration -Linux
1:00pm-02:00pm Lunch Break
  2:00pm-03:00pm Information Security Concepts
  3:00pm-04:00pm Lab Sessions:- Linux Administration

Day 2
11:00am-12:00pm Information Security Evaluation - Common Criteria (CC)
12:00am-1:00pm Application Level Security Issues
  1:00pm-02:00pm Lunch Break
  2:00pm-03:00pm Cryptographic Techniques for Security
  3:00pm-04:00pm Securing the System

Day 3
11:00am-12:00pm Network Perimeter Security
12:00am-1:00pm Wireless network Security
  1:00pm-02:00pm Lunch Break
  2:00pm-03:00pm Cyber Forensics Overview
  3:00pm-04:00pm Risk Management and Disaster Management

Day 4
11:00am-12:00pm Concept of Digital Signature
12:00am-1:00pm Mobile Security and Forensics
  1:00pm-02:00pm Lunch Break
  2:00pm-03:00pm                                        Social Engineering
  3:00pm-04:00pm                                Lab Sessions:- Image Accusation:- Cyber-check

Day 5
11:00am-12:00pm Information Security Standard
12:00am-1:00pm  Security Best Practices
1:00pm-02:00pm Lunch Break
  2:00pm-03:00pm Introduction to Cyber Law
  3:00pm-04:00pm Discussion and Feedback


Subject :
Short Term Course on Network and Information Security
Start :
End :
Venue :
CDAC Kolkata

Workshop / Event co-ordinator Detail

Name :
Jayanta Parial
Email :

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Subir Ghatak Male
2 Dipak Kumar Pal Male
3 Debashis Pal Male
4 Soumitra Biswas Male
5 Soumya Samanta Male
6 Bidyut Biswas Male
7 Bidyut Bera Male
8 Suvendu Dalal Male
9 Joydeep Sarkar Male
10 Ramkrishna Das Male
11 Malay Roy Male
12 Haran Pal Male
13 Sandip Ghosh Male
14 Safiqul Alam Male
15 Nabanita Das Female
16 Somen Mandal Male
17 Bappaditya Samanta Male
18 Richa Chaturvedy Female
19 Subhodip Ghosh Male
20 Tapas Sen Male
21 Abhishek Banerjee Male
22 Subhadeep Das Male

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