Information Security Awareness Workshop : ONGCRajumundry

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Information Security Awareness workshop was conducted for Professors from CBSE institute, on June 22nd, 2017 at ONGC, Rajahmundry. The number of participants were 94 Government users. The Topics covered in the workshop are 1. Introduction to Internet, 2. Cyber Ethics, 3.Online Threats, 4.Social Engineering, 5.Risk with Social Networking, 6.Browser Security, 7.Mobile security, 8.WiFi Security, 9.Tracing of Email.
“How to trace the emails “ and “Checking the Header information of E-Mail” , Recent cyber threat  “Ransomware attack ”  WannaCry/WannaCry ransomware and best practices to protect from malware was demonstrated. The session was planned and delivered as per the current requirements and issues / threats in the Internet world.

Mr. Nandeeshwar  has coordinated the session.

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Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Naresh Male ONGC
2 Gnapika Female ONGC
3 Abitha Kushala Male ONGC
4 Lalitha Bharathi Female ONGC
5 Sameen Anjum Female ONGC
6 Divya Sahithi Female ONGC
7 Amarthya Male ONGC
8 Ratna Male ONGC
9 Yamini Female ONGC
10 Sakshi Saraswat Female ONGC
11 Juhika Female ONGC
12 Bhagya Sri Female ONGC
13 Sanjana Female ONGC
14 Naga Lakshmi Female ONGC
15 Shwetha Female ONGC
16 Vyshnavi Female ONGC
18 Imrana Begum Female ONGC
19 Rachitha Sai Female ONGC
20 Richitha Sai Female ONGC
21 Sneha Gowri Female ONGC
22 Bhavitha Female ONGC
23 Sarvani Female ONGC
24 Archana Singh Female ONGC
25 Arushi Rao Female ONGC
26 Hema Harika Female ONGC
27 Mary Gold Female ONGC
28 V Kumar Male ONGC Rajahmundry
29 Likitha Kumari Female ONGC
31 Devi Ramya Sree Female ONGC
32 Trivallika Female ONGC
33 Sai Varshitha Female ONGC
34 Shivani Singh Female ONGC
35 R.Likitha Female ONGC
36 Jennifer Female ONGC
37 Mohan Krishna Male ONGC
38 Shantana Male ONGC
39 Prabhakar Rao Male ONGC
40 Raju Male ONGC
41 Praveen Male ONGC
42 Venkat Male ONGC
43 Satyanarayana Male ONGC
44 Durga Prasad Male ONGC
45 Ksrujana Female ONGC
46 N.S.Rohit Male ONGC
47 Manas Male ONGC
48 Amit Vikram Male ONGC
49 Durga Prasad Male ONGC
50 Naresh Male ONGC
51 Chaithanaya Male ONGC
52 Pavan Sai Punith Male ONGC
53 Sri Charan Male ONGC
54 Rajesh Male ONGC
55 Sunil Male ONGC
56 Ajay Varma Male ONGC
57 Ganesh Male ONGC
58 Shankar Male ONGC
59 Along A Male ONGC
60 Rohin Male ONGC
61 Kedareswar Male ONGC
62 Saran Male ONGC
63 Rahul Anand Male ONGC
64 Sri Sai Supreeth Male ONGC
65 Sheikh Zaffar Sharief Male ONGC
66 Rahul Harsha Male ONGC
67 Bala Bhaskar Male ONGC
68 Rushendra Reddy Male ONGC
69 Suhas Male ONGC
70 Jibin Male ONGC
71 Karchar Male ONGC
72 R.L.P Kumar Male ONGC
73 Rizshi Jushaar Male ONGC
74 M.Sashank Male ONGC
75 Lochana Female ONGC
76 Pravalikka Female ONGC
77 K.Nsradhasree Female ONGC
78 Sabdha Female ONGC
79 Swecha Female ONGC
80 Suma Female ONGC
81 Bhargavi Female ONGC
82 Tejaswi Female ONGC
83 Aparna Female ONGC
84 Shwetha Kumari Female ONGC
85 Vandana Rao Female ONGC
86 Krishna Kumar Male ONGC
87 Henka Female ONGC
88 Susmitha Female ONGC
89 Sri Female ONGC
90 Varshini Female ONGC
91 Siri Chandana Female ONGC
92 Radhika Aga Sri Female ONGC
93 Meghana Female ONGC
94 Sri Sai Santhoshi Female ONGC

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