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Cryptography is a method of storing and transmitting data, in a manner that it is read and processed only by those for whom it is intended to. This helps people to  share data and carry out business electronically without deceit and deception, as they would do in the physical world.  There is perpetual increase in the number of users who use internet to share information leading to an increased dependency on cryptography.   Cryptography aids in making web sites safe for data transmission and e-commerce.  This course is aimed to providing awareness of methods used for information security in academic and professional community.



Realising the importance of cryptography and cryptanalysis, India has embanked upon several exercise to create the capacity and capability in this area.

While this course would dwell on the foundations of cryptography and cryptanalysis, it will also focus on contemporary topics for Research and Development.  The ISEA members who attend this will surely benefit and help in forming the network of researchers in this area.



Part 1 – Introduction to Cryptography (16 Lectures)

Session 1: Classical Cryptography – A couple of historical cipher, Perfect Security, One-time Pad.

Session 2: Symmetric Key Cryptography – Fundamental concepts (Proof by Reduction), One-way function, Pseudo-random generators, pseudorandom functions), Private Key encryption, MAC, Practical SKEs like AES, RC4

Session 3: Public Key Cryptography – Number Theory, Public Key Encryption, Digital Signature.

Session 4: Cryptanalysis


Part 2 – Selected Topics in Cryptography (16 Lectures)

Session 1: Multiparty Computation

Session 2:  Advanced Encryption Schemes such as Id-based and Attributed-based

Session 3: Advanced Cryptanalysis

Session 4: Crypto for the cloud



The post graduate students/ PhD scholars/ researchers/ academicians /Industry personnel with basic knowledge of related field can participate in this program.


Registration Process

Online registration will be available on http://isea-pmu.in/event-registration-publicfrom December 21, 2015.

There will be separate registration for Part 1 and Part 2.  Candidates can opt for any or both the parts.  If you already have basic exposure to cryptography, you may opt only for Part 2 while registering.  The acceptance will be on a first come first basis.



The registration will be free for the selected participants.  Limited accommodation will be available in the IISc campus, the cost of which has to borne by the participants.


Resource Persons

1.        Prof. C E Venimadhavan

2.        Dr. Arpita Patra

3.        Dr. Bhavana Kanukurthi

4.        Dr. Sanjit Chatterjee



Mr. K P Raghuraman : raghuram@serc.iisc.in


Important Dates

Last date for submission of online registration from on  ISEA PMU website : January 07, 2016

Confirmation of participants by email :   January 11, 2016

Course commencement date : 02 February 2016 for Part 1and 08 February 2016 for Part 2.



Subject :
Workshops in Cryptography - Part 1 - Introduction to Cryptography
Start :
End :
Venue :
Indian Institute of Science Bengaluru 560 012

Participants Details

# Name Gender Organization/Institute Name
1 Jagadish Kashinath Kamble Male
2 Amitesh Kumar Pandit Male
3 Praveen Kumar Lavudi Male
4 Jyotsna Lambadi Female
5 Ms. Ritu S Shaktawat Female Universal College of Engineering And Technology
6 U V Ramana Male
7 A Nagajyoti Female
8 R Pavithra Female
9 V Nagakrishna Male
10 Vikas Kumar Gupta Male

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